‘Trojan Horse’ Councillor’s Fate: DA Yet To Take Decision


Democratic Alliance’s Federal Legal Commission has received complains from the party following Councillor Sam Pienaar’s submission. Councillor Sam Piennar was asked to make his submission on why the party should not suspend him. Sam allegedly took part in the October 15th  1985 Trojan Horse shootings in South Africa.

He was therefore asked to clarify reports surrounding his involvement in the massacre. After going through Pienaar’s submission, Selfe however said that the province lacks the jurisdiction to lay charges on Pienaar, but that the authority to suspend him or not lies in the hand of the Federal Legal Commission.

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The Councillor was served a letter intending to suspend him from the Democratic Alliance last Friday. He was given until 5pm in the evening on Monday to explain his role in the Trojan Horse shootings that took place over 30 years ago. The party also told him to state reasons why he should not be suspended from the party.

“He met the deadline, the PEC would now consider his application before a final decision would be made. They would be meeting on Tuesday to discuss a way forward”, spokesperson Liza Albrecht said on Monday.

However, after the party’s meeting on Tuesday, the party took the matter to it’s Federal Legal Commission. The party took the step after the Councillor failed to state his involvement in the shootings. The party also went ahead to file the complain after it was apparent that the Councillor played a vital role in the planing of the October 1985 Trojan Horse anti-apartheid shootings.

Democratic Alliance federal executive chairperson James Selfe told News24 on Wednesday that, “The conclusion of the meeting was that the province had not followed a proper process in dealing with the matter.”

Researches obtained showed that 73-year-old Sam Pienaar was a commander in the South African Defense Force Civilian unit on the Cape Flats during the anti-apartheid massacre.

Reports said that on 15th October 1985, policemen posted to the railway station hid themselves in crates on a South Africa railway truck. While the truck was going down to Thornton Road Athlone, the police officers crawled out from the crates and opened fire on the protesters.

Not only that, the shootings saw 3 minor dead while several others were left wounded. Names of minors that died include Jonathan Classen 21, Michael Miranda 11, and Shaun Magmoed 15.

The next day being October 16th, the police officers also killed two youths named Mengxwane Mali, 19 and Mabhuti Fatman, 20 at the Crossroads.

Councillor Sam Pienaar was the former principal of Excelsior Primary School Bellville. He was also the deputy president of South Africa’s Teachers Union – Suid Afrikaanse Onderwysers Unie. He joined the Democratic Alliance in Cape Town since 2011. He also headed about 6 sub-councils including sub-council parts of Belhar, Bishop Lavis and Bellville. He stands the chance of losing his seat if the party’s executive find him wanting.

Few weeks ago, the African National Congress called for the dismissal of Councillor Sam Pienaar from Cape Town because of his involvement in the 1985 Trojan Horse Massacre.

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