There’s A Gupta On My Stoep: Here’s Where Trevor Got The Inspiration


The inspiration behind US-based comedian Trevor Noah’s South African stand-up show, There’s a Gupta On My Stoep is definitely not far from the present political happenings in the country.

“There’s a Gupta On My Stoep is an idea of what I’m feeling and what South Africa feels right now, is it not? That there’s a Gupta on our stoep,” said Trevor who spoke about his show at M-Net’s press conference on Thursday.

Apparently, the 33-year-old is trying to capture what every South African is thinking about right now. During the press conference held in Johannesburg on Thursday, Trevor said the title was inspired by comedian Leon Schuster, who he said changed his life with his comedy.

“There’s people who are old enough to remember the reference – the title of one of my favourite movies – There’s a Zulu On My Stoep. Leon Schuster changed my life with his comedy when I was a young child,” the comedian said, referring to the inspiration behind the show.

“Essentially I felt that’s what we’re experiencing right now: We’re a country where we are confused and trying to put together the pieces of how intense, and how much effect these people had in the running of our nation.”

“People are still trying to piece together the Gupta emails, people are still trying to piece together the extent of their influence on our government, but it definitely feels like there’s an encroachment on what we thought was ‘us’ defining ourselves.”

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“And the best way I could think of that was really, There’s a Gupta On My Stoep. It’s South African,” said Trevor Noah.

“It also reminded me of home. It reminded me of a piece of my childhood. And it’s a nod to the time that we are living in now.”

He, however, pointed out that the Guptas are just a part of a bigger picture of what is happening in the country which he plans to talk about as well.

“It’s a hint and a nod to the past. And it’s not There’s a Gupta In My House, it’s just on my stoep. There’s also some other things that are happening that I talk about and so that’s why I went with that title.”

After his stand-up show, the Daily Show host will return to South Africa next year to team up with M-Net for a new show will be 13 episodes long and will be called Trevor Noah Presents…