‘Ps I’m From Soweto Not Hollywood’ – Trevor Noah Sets Record Straight


While renowned comedian Trevor Noah has definitely made his mark as the host of America’s The Daily Show, he’s still proud of his South African heritage.

With his massive success in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that people often forget that he’s not American. But not to worry, Trevor is always ready to set the record straight when the situation calls for it.

So, when one of his followers decided to express his opinion and in the process, called Trevor a “Hollywood elitist,” he was quick to set him on the right track.

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The follower set out to question Trevor about his satirical take on American and global politics which is not expected to sit well with everyone. The Twitter user asked if Trevor is going to be “biased” like other “Hollywood elitists”.

After telling the user to rather watch the show to answer his own question, Trevor quickly set him straight by making it clear that he’s from Soweto, not Hollywood.

This apparently threw the fan off balance and Trevor’s stinging reply led him to explain himself.

“I’ve watched Trevor’s show before so yes I know he’s from South Africa. My freshman year of college I wrote an essay about South African apartheid and how heroic Nelson Mandela was but yeah you’re right I probably couldn’t even point to South Africa on a map,” he said.

Of course, South African fans intervened in the matter just to remind the world that Trevor still belongs to Africa.

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Trevor Noah’s contract with Comedy Central is not coming to an end anytime soon as indicated on a new deal signed by both parties. The SA-born comedian recently closed a massive deal to host The Daily Show until 2022. The network also revealed that Trevor would produce year-end, Daily Show specials.

Apparently, they are amazed by the talent that is Trevor Noah and have decided that he’s a keeper.