Traffic Officer Under Arrest For Alleged Drunk Driving In CT


This is a real case of the editor being edited as traffic officer ended up being arrested for drunk driving following a high-speed chase in Kuils River.

The traffic officers who were on duty at a roadblock during the weekend spotted the man on high-speed and without his headlights on. The officers tried to pull him over but to no avail. The officers then embarked on a hot pursuit when the man refused to stop and eventually forced him to a stop.

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Further investigation into the matter revealed that the man was driving at such speed under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town’s JP Smith said weekend operations lead to a lot of arrests most of which are associated with drunk driving.

“The City of Cape Town traffic services and their counterparts Metro Police arrested 207 suspects in the last five days in a series of operations across the Metropolitan, much of this happened in roadblocks which included the arrest of 155 suspects, 138 of them for drunk driving,” Smith said.

The roadblocks have really proved effective in the battle against crime in South Africa as it has helped traffic officers in the spotting and capture of both criminals and offenders.

However, it is quite ironic that cops will arrest a suspect and then let him go in exchange for a few bucks.

A typical example is the appearance of two cops in a court in Cape Town last week for allegedly demanding money for the release of an arrested drunk driving suspect.

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The cops, Mzoxolo Toto, 32, and Khululekani Mndlunya, 34, both of the Nyanga police station, were charged with extortion, corruption and assault. The duo appeared before a magistrate at the Bellville Specialized Commercial Crime Court, where magistrate Sabrina Sonnenberg, adjourned the case and warned them to appear in court again on April 7.