Sperm With Healing Powers: Traditional Healers Warned To Stop Sleeping With Patients


South Africa’s National Traditional Healers Organisations (THO) warned its members to stop having sexual intercourse with patients under the guise of healing with sperm.

THO stressed that sperm cannot cure any infirmity and charged SA traditional healers to quit claiming theirs have healing powers?

THO’s warning follows a recent incident where a 43-year-old Traditional Healer – Phaladi Mahlaba – raped a 16-year-old girl who visited him for medical consultation.

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She was given an alleged traditional medication to drink. Subsequently, she became dizzy and the suspect took her to a room where he raped her.

Speaking, Phephisile Temngcamane Maseko THO’s national co-ordinator condemned the incident saying:

“As a traditional healer, you cannot use a sperm to treat or heal any of your patients. This is a crime and as an organisation, we do not tolerate such an act. The law should take its course.

As healers, we have been warned…Such an incident will not be tolerated as it damages the image of the organisation.

Although we have power over our patients, this does not allow us to abuse them and ask for sexual favors….All members are warned to be careful to avoid breaking the law.”

Meanwhile, the well-known tradition healer disappeared immediately after the incident. A manhunt was launched by police and the suspect was arrested on Sunday 08 January 2017.

Phaladi Mahlaba was dragged to Nebo Magistrate’s Court the next day and was remanded in custody with no bail until 16 January 2017. That’s when he’ll get to apply for bail.

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South African Police Service (SAPS) advised South Africans, especially parents to not allow their children approach traditional healers for consultation sessions alone.

To SAPS, that will help prevent and avoid similar incidents.