Tracing Ntando Duma’s Dalliance With Her Baby Daddy and Facts About Her Daughter Sbahle Mzizi

South Africa’s TV personality, Ntando Duma is also a model and actress. However, she is widely known for her relationship with South African Hip Hop DJ and presenter, Junior De Rocka. Although the relationship was short-lived, it produced a daughter, Sbahle Mzizi, who has become an internet sensation and one of the country’s most famous kids – with mind-blowing brand endorsements.

Though they have since gone their separate ways, Ntando and her ex have strived to be ideal parents to their daughter, even though they have separate love lives now.

Their Romance Ended Before it Started Following Allegations of Infidelity and Abuse

Many romantics and fans of the showbiz duo – Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka – had very high expectations for their relationship. The couple was so much in love with each other that it was contagious. Their public romance is well documented, and while it lasted, they could have won every vote as South Africa’s best couple. Be that as it may, the background of their whirlwind affair is unknown. When, where, and how the relationship between the DJ and actress started remains a mystery.

As it is with most relationships in the world of showbiz, Ntando and Junior’s time together ended prematurely with allegations of infidelity and physical abuse. Social media detectives, especially on Twitter revealed that the DJ was cheating on Ntando and the actress confirmed it, saying Junior cheated on her and hit her while she was pregnant.

According to Ntando Duma, Junior De Rocka was her first man. She has gone on to reveal that he deflowered her immediately after her Umemulo – a South African coming of age ceremony for young maidens, mostly virgins. It signifies the maiden’s readiness for marriage. Even the former lovebirds remained tight-lipped about the situation in the love garden, it emerged that they split up while Ntando Duma was pregnant.

Duma revealed it was a crazy situation when it happened – without going a step further to reveal the cause. She said she had seen their future together, and thought what they shared would last forever. They have, however, moved past their differences to be good parents to their daughter, Sbahle Lisahanya Mzizi – who the duo have since described as the best thing to happen to them.

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka Welcomed their Daughter in 2017

The circumstances surrounding her conception was not in any way prepared for. Ntando Duma said in an interview on the TV show ‘Real Talk With Anele’ that, even though she always wanted to start a family, her falling pregnant with her daughter, Sbahle, came too soon. She further stated that starting a family was something she discussed with Junior De Rocka.

He once bought her a teddy bear, which she named Sbahle – the same name she gave her daughter – and they always called themselves ‘baba kaSbahle and mama kaSbahle’. Ironically, the former Rhythm City star did not even know she had taken in. According to her, she only realized that was the case when she was taunted about the size of her breast on social media, with many accusing her of getting a boob job. A couple of months later, she welcomed her daughter Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi who was born on June 28, 2017.

They Have Found a Way to Co-parent Without Getting Back Together

Since their relationship ended, the ex-couple have gone through several stages in their quest to be the ideal parents for their daughter, Sbahle Mzizi. They have dragged each other and also tried to forge great friendships where and when necessary. However, one thing that has not happened is coming back together as a couple. Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka enjoy a respectable relationship as co-parents of their child but that has been all about it.

While they celebrated Sbahle’s 2nd birthday in 2019, the duo sheath their swords (having gone through a public spat months earlier) and paid tributes to each other, with Ntando shedding a few tears while stating that they have to be more respectful toward each other. However, some fans interpreted this move as Ntando begging Junior to come back to her – which was not the case.

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka Had a Public Spat Over the DJ’s Perceived Negligence

When asked in 2017 about the state of affairs between herself and Junior with regards to co-parenting Sbahle, the actress and media personality admitted that things are going on well with everyone (herself and junior) playing their part. She also admitted that even though the DJ was always going to make mistakes because he was new to the role, he was learning from his mistakes and taking care of them (mother and daughter) so well. By January 2019, however, the story was not the same.

The South Africa A-list celebrities dragged themselves on the streets of social media, with Ntando accusing Junior of being an ‘absent’ father and a ‘dead beat’ parent. This was in response to an appreciation tweet that thanked the DJ for supporting secondary school children with computers, sanitary pads, cleaning, and stationery items. The actress claimed Junior De Rocka was donating to other kids while he has fallen short of taking care of his own child.

In the now-deleted tweets, she is quoted as saying, “All I ever needed from him was/is his presence in my child’s life. Not his love back or even money. I wanted my baby to grow up knowing who her father is and that’s honestly just it. I would even try and take her to visit his family, but the issue will be that out of all the things that I already do for the baby I have to pay for flights too for his own family to see her?! Angikho Dizzy. I stopped, and it never happened again because he’s also not willing to do it.”

As expected, De Rocka defended himself, claiming Ntando had served him court papers concerning child welfare, and he has paid almost R20,000 since. He attached the receipts of transfer he had made in the last five days while claiming that despite his efforts, he has not been allowed to see his child. He claimed she is threatening to change his daughter’s surname and begged her to allow them to settle in private.

Ntando Duma would hit back in another viral tweet with a breakdown of how she spends money to take care of their daughter, buttressing the fact that what he sends to her is nowhere near enough to sustain both of them.

Things have since improved between the two, and their social media posts show that DJ Junior De Rocka is more involved in his daughters’ life as things stand.

Sbahle Mzizi is Already Making Waves As An Internet Celebrity 

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka’s daughter, Sbahle Mzizi, is already carving her own niche as a social media personality, despite being only 6 years old.
She made her debut on the runway in October 2019 as she walked the runway at the AFI Fashion Week – alongside her mother.

That only served to shoot her into further public recognition. Sbahle has her own Instagram handle and YouTube channel with over 720k followers and 52k subscribers, respectively.

Her social media fame landed her a gig as brand ambassador for Cute Kids Baby Nappies at 2-months old. She appeared on the web show Coffee Morning for Disney Junior and has been nominated for the most influential South African Child Star by Generational Wealth Education.

Is Ntando Duma Currently Dating Anyone?

Since her breakup with DJ Junior De Rocka, Duma’s relationship timeline has been quite scanty. She has been focused on her career and raising her daughter, but that has not stopped the gorgeous TV presenter to be linked with an array of men. It is yet to be known if she is seeing anyone as she has not revealed anything to the public. However, if recent tweets on her Twitter account is anything to go by, it may seem she has found love again, and we can’t wait for her to reveal who he is.

She has often teased her fans about being in a new relationship, but that has been it. Reports also had it that The Queen star was engaged last year to an unknown man. She was also spotted with an engagement ring, which she later said she bought for herself. Ntando Duma reported to be dating DJ Shimza, but she denied the reports, claiming they were just friends and nothing more. Gomora star, Sicelo Buthelezi, has also been mentioned as her boo, but she has also denied it. We wait to see who it is whenever she is ready to come forth with such information.

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