10 Astonishing Tourist Attractions You Should Check Out In Durban


Durban can be best described as the South Africa’s Miami Beach, only this time better because it is in Africa! Africa is actually the most friendly continent on earth and so if you are looking for a perfect getaway or holiday, Durban is one place around Africa to be. Below is a number of astonishing tourist attractions in Durban that are a must see.

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1. The Golden Mile

The wide stretch of the golden sands though artificially separated by piers will provide an amazing opportunity for sun-worshipers, surfers and swimmers to enjoy the sub-tropical sun and a swim in the warm Indian ocean waters. The beach is probably one of the safest beaches around the world being guarded by lifeguards and shark nets all year around. The Mile runs from the South beach where the uShaka Marine world is located to Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World. You might not be a morning person but this beachfront will give you a reason to be up and enjoying the sunrise.

Durban-Golden-mile beach - tourist attractions in durban

2. uShaka Marine World

Being the host to one of the largest ports in the world, it only makes sense to have a world-class aquarium and marine park in Durban. uShaka is a phenomenal theme park with all the indispensable attractions in tow. Here you can treat yourself to magnificent dolphin shows, ‘waterworld’ park, restaurant and thrill rides.

uShaka Marine World - tourist attractions in durban

3. Gillitts

Located 35 kilometers west of Durban between Hilcrest and Kloof lies a leafy green village, a peaceful and relaxing suburb of Durban. At Gillitts you will also have a chance to enjoy the amazing Krantzkloof Nature Reserve ,the Inanda and Shongweni dams. Gillitts also offers golf lovers an opportunity to extend their expertise at the numerous golf clubs in the village among them the famous Kloof golf course.

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Gillitts - tourist attractions in durban
image via stayin1000hills.co.za

4. Durban North

15 minutes North of the city of Durban, on the northern side of the Umgeni river mouth is the amazing attractions of Durban North and Umhlanga. The place was once a coastal dune forest and some of the remains are still preserved in the Mangrove swamps and the Umgeni bird parks. Umhlanga, which is part of the Durban North is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations around the world with most of Durban’s biggest and complex businesses moving to Umhlanga’s Rocks villages. The lovely cottages, guest houses and restaurants only give the young and old visiting the area a reason to stay even longer.

Durban North

5. Glenashley

Again, located north of the Umgeni river mouth and the Blue Lagoon, which serves as the finish line of the annual Duzi Canoe marathon, lies the Glenashley. Glenashley offers its visitors a place to reside while enjoying the magnificent beach among other attractions like the Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve. Above all, it is at Glenashley that you will find almost anything on your tour to Durban shopping list with no hassle.