Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom Eulogizes SA Workers For ‘Keeping Economy Going’


Workers in South Africa have been very impactful and influential. Not only that, their roles have in no small measure been very pivotal in lifting up the dwindling economy of the country. Speaking more, Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom added that South Africa workers are simply the lifeline of the country.

Addressing workers on May Day, Hanekom remarked that South Africa has made laudable achievement since 1994 and that the only way to widen the pace of the country’s gigantic achievements is to stab all forms of ills in the country. In addition, the minister thanked all South Africa’s workers for keeping the economy going.

Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom Praises SA Workers

Moving on, Hanekom stated that May Day serves as a reminder of those who fought bravely for workers’ rights. He said,

“We owe it to them to make sure that we look after our working people and we appreciate the work of the working people because without them we simply have no economy. It’s the workers on the farms, in the factories, in the hotels and in the mines that make up this country of ours.”

Meanwhile, Congress of South Africa Trade Union (COSATU) has been enjoined to hop over to South Africa’s newest rival federation, National Union Of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA). The long-awaited workers’ new federation was recently launched and stands in divergent lines with ANC’s partner federation, COSATU.

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Speaking during its Worker’s Day celebration at Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa, on the East Rand on Sunday, NUMSA General Secretary, Irvin Jim, called on members of COSATU to “quickly get out” and join their new labour federation.The rival federation’s scribe asserted that workers are still being exploited under the COSATU.

Numsa was expelled from the South African federation in November 2014 for refusing to support the ANC during elections that year.