Tough Day Awaits Zuma As Parliament Debates On DA’s “Motion Of No Confidence”


President Jacob Zuma could be having a second-time hard time just a while after the controversial Nkandla and SONA periods. This time, it is the debate on a motion of no confidence which would be taking place on Tuesday before the parliament.

The motion, which was brought by the Democratic Alliance after Zuma’s decision to change finance ministers in December, has been said to have gained over 800,000 support of the South Africans and the parliament would have no choice but to debate on the people’s confident in Zuma as their president.

The DA was said to have lobbied South Africans last week to write to ANC MPs and support a motion of no confidence in Zuma via an online platform on the party’s website. They also called for Cabinet ministers to be excluded from voting, as they were directly employed by Zuma.

While this would be going on, Pretoria high court would also be asked by the DA to review a decision to drop corruption charges against Zuma as Zuma’s lawyers insist that the corruption charges laid on him are a mere political conspiracy by the DA.

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The ANC which has almost 250 MPs in the National Assembly seems to be fully prepared for the debate as they have pledged to make sure they win in the debate by bringing forth all good deeds of the president and the positive changes he has brought to the country. To them, unless some of the members vote against Zuma, the motion will fail, again.

Speaking on this, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa asserted that the party is solidly behind Zuma and that the DA which lacks the majority in the parliament and lacked superior arguments to convince Parliament and the South African people that President Zuma was not fit to lead, could not be able to win in this debate.

“we’ll use the occasion to once again remind the DA that it has been during President Zuma’s tenure at the helm of this country that we have seen our people living longer due to, among others, government’s HIV-treatment programme which is the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

“We will take great pride in expatiating on the recognition and respect that President Zuma commands at a continental and global level as evidenced by his successes in conflict resolution and peacekeeping on the continent,” said Kodwa.

“His appointment as co-chair of the United Nations High-Level Commission on Health, Employment and Economic Growth with France’s President Hollande, speaks to the international community’s confidence in President Zuma’s ability to deal with matters that are of critical importance to the working class people of the world and humanity in general.”

The people of South Africa have seen these strides and have trusted President Zuma and the ANC to continue with this work and tackle the challenges that continue to plague us,” he said.

However, the DA chief whip John Steenhuisen has promised that the motion promised to be one of the most important in history and that it deserved to be done in as fair a manner as possible.

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