South Africa’s Most Violent Cities Revealed!


Although, the world generally is a dangerous place to live, not just because some people are evil, but also because the good people don’t do anything about it. Some cities of South Africa are getting to be such dangerous places, a man is lucky to get out of them alive. Of course, this is no longer news to many. We keep hoping these cities will someday slip the list but they keep appearing with some even climbing higher on the list. Seeing as it is important to know how and when your life is engendered, it is of utmost importance to know these cities. So here put together is the most current list of dangerous South African cities in a descending order which will help you in choosing wisely, the cities to explore with absolute care whenever you are on holiday.

The Most Violent Cities of South Africa are:

Cape Town:


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the South Africa, Cape Town is a city that is fighting tremendously to combat high crime rates. The said city is prone to robbery attacks and street fights. it is one of the riskiest cities at night, especially for women. The level of crime in Cape Town is alarming. It is attributed to the difference between socio-economic classes. According to a ranking carried out by Mexican Citizens Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice; a Mexican Research group (Seguridad, Justicia y Paz), Cape Town is the 20th most violent, unsafe and life-threatening city in the world. The city is becoming more unsafe as time goes on, topping the ranking each year in contrast to many other South African cities formally listed which have slipped the list. The aforementioned study made the ranking based on the number of murders per 100 which every city records and says Cape Town records fifty-one per hundred thousand people (51 murders per 100,000 people) for its three million seven hundred thousand residents. Quite scary! This implies curfew for the ladies at night. Better safe than sorry right?

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Nelson Mandela Bay:


A city named after the great South African hero ranked the 41st most unsafe and violent city in the world with 35.76 murders per 100 000 residents for its 1.1 million residents. Nelson Mandela Bay also known as Port Elizabeth ranks second most violent and unsafe city in South Africa. It’s cases of Assault, mugging, robbery and kidnap keep circulating and creating a picture of a perfectly unsafe environment to live in or visit as these unscrupulous elements equally target strangers. Better not to use your money and buy trouble.



Based on the study, Durban emerges as the 48th most risky city in the world with 32.42 murders per 100,000 people living in it. In South African ranking, Durban takes third place in the list of the most dangerous cities in South Africa with 32.4 murders per 100,000 residents, in a population of 3.4 million citizens. Despite the beauty that attracts people and tourists to this fabulous city, the tale of violence that follows it may not equally be proportional.



In spite of the fact that Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous cities in South Africa in 2012, Johannesburg may not be on the list of most violent cities anymore, new research shows. Based on the recent study carried out in 2013, Johannesburg slipped the list of most dangerous cities in the world proving that there are insignificant murder cases there……….isn’t that great? More importantly, the rankings only considered cities with populations above three hundred thousand and also where murder statistics are provided. According to the firm, research into violent crime is faced with many impediments – most significant obstacle is a lack of transparency and accountability of governments, as well as the fabrication of figures. This in many ways has hampered the efforts of researchers in drawing an absolute conclusion considering how risky or violent certain cities are.

So there! Those are the most violent cities in South Africa. I hope this is helpful so that next time you want to plan a vacation for yourself and your loved ones, you would know precisely where to go to enable you to come back with all your stuffing intact. But if you can’t resist the beauty of these places then please buy a pepper spray at the least.

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