Top Official At The Department Of Transport Nabbed For Drunk Driving


A man who is said to be a top government official was arrested following his drunk driving status and an unsuccessful attempt to allegedly flee the scene of an accident.

The suspect who was caught on the N7 yesterday afternoon, faces four charges among which include drunk driving and attempting to flee the scene of an accident.

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The City of Cape Town’s mayoral committee member JP Smith ironically reveals that not only is the suspect a high-ranking official,but he is under the National Department of Transport. A body that should be conscious of making the road safe and ensuring that motorists obey traffic rules.

“He collided with the vehicle and drove away from the accident scene. He was arrested on the N7 towards Malmesbury. He is being detained at Milnerton Saps on a docket for reckless and negligent driving, drunk driving, fleeing the scene of an accident and resisting arrest. Nobody was injured in the motor vehicle accident.”

In a similar incident, a traffic officer ended up being arrested for drunk driving following a high-speed chase in Kuils River.

The traffic officers who were on duty at a roadblock during the weekend spotted the man on high-speed and without his headlights on. The officers tried to pull him over but to no avail. The officers then embarked on a hot pursuit when the man refused to stop and eventually forced him to a stop.

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Further investigation into the matter revealed that the man was driving at such speed under the influence of alcohol. Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town’s JP Smith said weekend operations lead to a lot of arrests most of which are associated with drunk driving.

It is indeed an irony that a high-ranking government officials in the transport department would be facing charges of reckless and drunk driving.