Top 5 Beautifully Unusual Visa-Free Islands For South Africans To Vacation At


A vacation is something everyone needs once in a while or as often as we can afford it. After the rigors of working hard all year round or having to take care of the family, one needs to relax and unwind in a place that will take your mind away from work and responsibility for as long as your vacation time lasts.

However, most people are not able to afford taking a vacation because it involves having to spend a lot of money especially if you have to travel out of the country for a change of scenery. You have to get a visa, pay for the flight and still worry about where you’ll stay, what you’ll eat and how to pay for the tours you’ll get.

So here’s the good news, there are fabulous holiday places that you can go to without having to worry about the rigors involved in having to get a visa or even paying for it. These places are some of the worlds most beautiful holiday destinations because lets face it, what holiday destination could be more beautiful than an Island with beautiful white sand and wonderful scenery.

This offer is for South Africans only: These 5 islands are the perfect holiday destinations for you and you can get to them without a visa. So if you are feeling adventurous enough to try a different holiday place this year, this are some of the beautiful islands that South Africans can visit without a visa. They are top-notch and perfect.

Beautiful Visa-Free Island Destinations For South Africans

1. Ilha Grande


Rio is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Brazil, but even more interesting than Rio is the island of Ilha Grande which is only a 100km from Rio itself. Where Rio is bustling and noisy, Ilha Grande is quiet and somewhat untouched. The contrast is quite sharp considering the fact that it does not take long to get to Ilha Grande from Rio. To make the journey even shorter and enjoy a scenic view on your way, take a bus from Rio to Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba. From any of these places, you can then take a ferry to Ilha Grande. Because the island itself has no roads, a lot of your commuting while you are there will be done by boat and activities such as hiking and snorkeling are fantastic there.

The Bahamas


The Bahamas is another very interesting place that South Africans don’t need a visa to explore on the other side of the world. Most parts of the Caribbean are visa free. Considering how beautiful the Bahamas is, it is actually a very wonderful idea to make out time and do a little exploring. The white sandy beaches, blue water, chilling out, snorkeling and seeing some amazing under water life of the Bahamas will definitely lift the spirit of any holiday.

The only catch here is that getting to the Caribbean will require you to travel through the UK or USA and you will need a visa to get through these two countries, so you might want to keep those in sight.



Just as the name implies, Reunion is definitely the place to unite you with the fun side of life. It is the sister island to Mauritius island but while Mauritius is all about white sandy beaches and chilling resorts, Reunion is more for the active traveler who loves to hike and see very dramatic scenery.

Reunion is about 200km from Mauritius and it even has its very own active volcano and tropical beaches. The island has recently gone visa free which is a big deal as it is actually part of France, so it means you will be travelling to France visa free, how amazing is that. Whats more, there are direct flights from Johannesburg which makes it really easy to get to.

The Philippines


The Philippines is made up of 100s of small beautiful islands. It’s a lot like Thailand in some ways, just minus the massive throngs of tourists that can be very much overwhelming at times.

While there, you might want to try great places like Boracay and Coron Island. Borocay is famous for it’s white sandy beaches while Coron is best known for its breathtaking lagoons.

Galápagos Islands


The Galápagos Islands are part of Ecuador in South America. But since one wouldn’t visit the Galápagos Islands to chill on the beach you might ask “what is it doing on this list? Well its on this list because it’s a place for nature and its all about scientific discovery. What I would suggest is going with a tour which takes you by boat between islands. Tours in this area are not cheap, you are looking in the region of R30 000 and R40 000. It is therefore something that you will need to plan in advance for but it is well worth the trip.

There! Now you know what direction to set sail for your vacation. These places will leave you yearning for more holiday time and by the time you touch down on South African Soil again, you must have learnt more than you think you wanted. Have fun.

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