Top 5 Basic Survival Skills For Tourists In South Africa


Its been agreed on, that desperate times call for desperate measures. And truly, the lion incident and the many reports about tourists who in a way or the other encountered unpleasant happenings in South Africa indicated that this is one of such times.

Of course, desperate measures are needed to help straighten these abnormal occurrences. However, considering the disappointing fact that we do not posses the needed power to execute such desperate measures, we will bother you with 5 simple essential and effective highlights of how to stay out of harm’s way and ultimately stay alive when you tour South Africa.

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Katherine Chappell, the 22-year-old who was mauled to death in a lion attack, might have found this safety tips useful. The sad report of her death narrated that she was taking pictures and probably didn’t see the lion approach from the open passenger window.

But to others fated to encounter similar happenings, and to the tourists community, here are the basic ways to prevent sad tales from your thrilling tour experience in South Africa and virtually anywhere.

5 Basic Survival Skills For Tourists in South Africa

1. Strictly Obey All Tour-Guide Rules

The emphasis here is on ‘strict’ and ‘all’. Don’t frown at any of the tour guide rule no matter how meaningless it may seem. This is peculiar to wildlife tour sites and any other site that exposes one to possible harmful risks. Do not succumb to misleading fantasy video footage that you might have seen showing people happy to partake in daredevil deeds. If it’s a wildlife tour site, always remind yourself that it’s called wild for some reasons. So, don’t alight from your vehicles as you drive through wild parks except when otherwise stated, avoid getting too close to animals, do not let your windows down to take pictures or “feel the atmosphere”. Get all the feeling you want from inside your car secured as required and avoid the unnecessary urge you’ll inspire on the wild animals to get a feel of your flesh. The video footage above is related to how Katherine Chappell was attacked.

2. Mind Your Movement

grabrunYour movement should never suggest that you’re lost. Preferably, walk with a group especially in secluded areas. Catch all your fun while its day and avoid walking major city business districts at night. If it’s necessary to go out at night, look for a reliable taxi and do not randomly patronize taxis on streets. Ensure that you’re well-informed about any place you want to visit before visiting and travel with an updated map which are usually available at most gas stations. You don’t want to get stranded in an unfamiliar environment so, make sure your ride is sufficiently fueled and mechanically healthy. Most importantly, park your ride at well-lit areas at night. Generally, walk like a South African not as a visitor.

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3. Mind Your Business

mindbusinessPlease do not try to be someone’s hero. Ignore that pretty lady harassed by street boys, don’t try to settle any fight, don’t strive to ensure justice, don’t open your door to let strangers in. Just ignore any body unknown to you seeking your attention. If you really believe someone needs help, a better way to help without becoming the one who needs the help is to locate the nearest police joint and report the incident. Please, just mind your business.

4. Don’t Be Too Eager To Make New Friends

Yes, it’s good to socialize, meet new interesting people, make new friends and all that. However, be mindful of how quickly you are fascinated by the people you meet. Overtime, tricksters have proven to be of interesting and charming characters. Let your safety be placed very much higher than making new friends in your social scale.

5. Appear Less Flashy And Don’t Show Off Your Luxuries

show offBe guaranteed that you will quickly run into trouble when you, in an egotistic manner, attempt to demonstrate that you’ve got lots of cash. Please, showing off will only attract criminals to you. Avoid flashy and expensive watches or jewelry and do not carry large amounts of cash around. Guard your ATM cards. Do not ask random strangers where to find an ATM and pay no mind to anybody soliciting your knowledge on how to use the money machine.

Follow all of these rules as strictly as possible and we guarantee you a problem free tour and visit around South Africa.