Top 10 World’s Worst Jobs Ever: These Jobs Are Equal To Hell


Okay people, its Monday again and we know that while some people are happy to go back to work, some others wish there was never a Monday. While it is very important to work or keep busy, you will agree with me that there are some jobs we do out of necessity or the fact that one just needs to absolutely have an income on a regular monthly basis. Sequel to the worlds happiest jobs, these jobs neither good for your health nor good for your ego, yet you will find people doing it even while they complain that they don’t like it or that they would rather stay home. But what do you know, some people are more desperate than others.

While some are eager to get back to work on Monday, some are wondering who created Monday. for these latter set of people, the few hours they spend at work seems like a lifetime of labor and that will be probably because they are doing some of the worst jobs in the world. So, to avoid falling into such a category, we bring you a list of the kinds of jobs to avoid so that you won’t dread Mondays.

For those who are still complaining about the jobs they do, we have just one advise for you: While you are reluctantly getting back into the monotonous routine of working, you can console yourselves with this: no matter how bad your job is, it will never be as crappy as these 10 jobs:

1. Sewage Worker

sewage worker

Okay seriously, how sad can it get? These poor souls spend their time walking, breathing and cleaning through all kinds of crap (literally) and other unpleasant things that get flushed down our toilets.  The look on this man’s face should tell you what it is like to be a sewage worker anywhere in the world. It stinks like nothing you’ve known.

2. Proctologist


Normally people in the medical field are held in high esteem. They are ridiculously smart, cure the sick and make a pretty penny doing it. Yet, for the Proctologists of the world this comes at a price. They literally stick it where the sun doesn’t shine – everyday. Imagine spending your day there. Eeeww!

3. Barnyard Masturbator


Yes, you read that correctly. There are people in the world who actually get paid to jerk off farm animals. Listverse states that this is done for artificial insemination, and while there are tools designed to do this, sometimes the only way is the old-fashioned way – by hand which is a picture I still can’t quite conjure

4. Portable Toilet Cleaner

portable toilet cleaner

I used to wonder what would happen if there no portable toilets but now what i wonder more often is what would happen if there were no portable toilet cleaner. If you have been to a music festival or construction site, you’ll know how disgusting portable potties can get. The smell alone is enough to make you hold it for hours. Now image having to clean one of those things? Not pleasant.

5.  A Guard at Buckingham Palace

a guard

According to The Telegraph, this is considered the worst job in the British army. Not only do the guards have to stand for hours without moving, they have to deal with idiotic tourists taking them for statues and taking snapshots of them when they cannot do anything about it. It gets even worse when they have itches they can’t scratch. Also, if their uniforms are not absolutely perfect they get punished – with more guard duty!