Top 10 Outstanding Entertainment Blogs in South Africa

If you are particularly interested in South Africa and has been following South African blogs for some time, you might be interested to find out the top-ranked outstanding blogs in the South African blogosphere. The South African entertainment industry is estimated to be a huge goldmine that is presently underutilized. The steady growth of the South African entertainment industry across the globe has given rise to a number of blogs, all leading in entertainment, not just in South Africa but in Africa as well.

From over 50 entertainment websites in South Africa, our analysts have selected Top 10 truly South African Outstanding Entertainment Blogs, If you’re a South African interested in the South African entertainment industry, everything from music to movies and celebrity gossips, then you should have these blogs in your bookmarklet.

Although some of the blogs we selected are more established than others. We sided with younger, lesser-known blogs that have shown huge potential to scale phenomenally. If there’s one thing these blogs share in common, it is the desire to keep innovating

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1. All 4 WOMEN

This South African entertainment blog is the first on our list and rightly so. The blog contains frequently uploaded content written, edited and discussed by women. It covers a range of topics concerning women including; food, home, love, fashion, health, sex, parenting and relationships. Peter Mansfield who happens to be the founder and MD of the blog, said that the past few years experienced phenomenal growth. In June 2012 the blog had 124 000 unique browsers, a year later this figure increased to 236 000. The blog did set a new record by growing past the 5 million pageview mark (all traffic) as of May 2015. The blog receives 557 677 unique visitors in South Africa alone, 1 436 821 individual visits and 4 971 155 pageviews.


The second most influential blog on our list is the Oceansvibe. it was created by Seth Rotherham in 2002 a time when blogging wasn’t popular. Oceansvibe was simply a platform created for the main purpose of sharing photos of Seth’s adventures touring the nightlife in Capetown. The platform thus grew from being visited by friends to friends of friends, and the rest is history.

The major offerings in recent times is comprised of a mix of business, tech, entertainment, politics and hot viral content, basically, what audience enjoy with a filter on the unnecessary stuff.

With a team of professional up to 30 story publication are made, attracting up to half a million readers a month. This makes the blog one of the biggest solely owned online news platform in South Africa.

3. MyCityByNight

This site has grown to be recognized as a global entertainment hub that caters to the social needs of the community. Though South Africa is its primary focus, its rich contents go beyond to appeal to other people from different countries. The crust of its content mainly revolves around the who, what, where and when of entertainment, lifestyle and nightlife in South Africa. Basically, for anyone who is a celebrity or a person who lives for the night, MCBN is the go-to-site.


This is a multiple award-winning entertainment blog that is laced with the juiciest contents about urban and pop culture. The site’s design is very colourful and visually appealing thus making visitors spend good time surfing the blog’s content. Its quality posts surround the budding entertainment industry in South Africa which include the latest events, movies/ Tv shows, music release, fashion, lifestyle, reviews, sports and latest tech news.

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Justcurious blog caters to a specific demographic of people. This includes males and females between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The content of the site focuses on bringing every interesting infotainment about Mzansi, including its celebrities, music, Tv/ Radio industry, lifestyle trends culture and a whole lot more.

The blog was created by Lelo Boyana who decided to take her passion for celebrity news and turn it into one of the most influential entertainment and celebrity blogs in South Africa. The blog is growing at a rapid pace with over 60,000 unique visitors monthly. According to Lelo, quality(correct spellings and fact-checking) is one of the blog’s selling point and the readers have grown to recognize the site as an authoritative one.

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This blog is a breathtaking site filled with content heavily based on creativity on South African heritage. The blog was started in 2007 by Andrew Berry and Sean Sassen who saw the need to highlight art in its extensive form. The site cover works from South African musicians, artiste, and unique festivals.

Becuase of its focal point on South Africa, the blog has bee able to serve the demographic well thus its readers know exactly what to expect when they log into the blog site.


With Orgellaonline, local content is the watchword. The site which happens to be the brainchild of princess Allegro .D. is an online entertainment platform that was launched in 2011 and it is gaining grounds a lot faster than anticipated. Though its contents reflect heavily on indigenous news about South African musicians and celebrities, it still goes further to relay equally entertaining and informative contents of celebrities from other countries in Africa thereby giving the blog a wider appeal.


Carving out a niche in the blogosphere is an important factor which helps to distinguish a blog from the rest and also solidify the blog’s presence with a distinct audience. Myjozi entertainment blog has been able to do this by uploading contents relating to reviewing of live shows and events. The blog was started in 2010 by Dale Goodwin. The blog is also known for product reviews and press releases which is more of a side attraction and has nonetheless aided to increase it’s monthly visitors to the site.


The Socialite was launched in 2010, by Chia kougianos. This is also a blog site that flourishes with highly entertaining content on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment. The blog features trends in music, fashion, lifestyle and the juicy gossip on the lives of celebrities.


The last but certainly not the least on our list is KojoBaffoe blog. The blog follows the trend of uploading entertaining content from music lifestyle, celebrities, fashion, events, IT, media, television and print. The blog is an underdog whose readers are growing as they receive an increasing number of unique visitors monthly.

We will be sure to keep our eyes peeled to see how these blogs rank in the coming years. Who knows a newer blog not even on this list could surprise us and become a powerhouse in the blogosphere.

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