Top 10 Driving Schools In Pretoria

The importance of receiving quality driving lessons before hitting the road with your vehicle cannot be overemphasized as poor driving skills not only affect the driver but also affects other road users – in case of a mishap. This is why most countries ensure that before issuing a driver’s license to anyone, that person must pass a driving test.

To successfully pass your driving test and to have a comprehensive understanding of how cars work and what is expected of you as a driver, you have to attend a good driving school. If you reside in Pretoria, you have nothing to worry about because Pretoria is home to many quality driving schools. To help make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the top driving schools in Pretoria.

The Top Driving Schools In Pretoria

A good driving school is one that has an affordable price, quality equipment, professional driving instructors, flexible lesson timing, and detailed, comprehensive driving lessons. These are all the things you should look out for before choosing a driving school.

Here are some of the driving schools in Pretoria that meet most, if not all, the above-stated requirements of a good driving school. Most driving schools in Pretoria facilitate the process of obtaining a learner and driving license.

1. Fearless Driving School

  • Contact Address: 105 Viljoen St, Riviera, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa
  • Phone Number: 079 480 3229

Fearless Driving School prides itself in the fact that they make learning how to drive easy. They have the ability to teach those who have never made any attempt to drive a vehicle before. This driving school in Pretoria provides learners and driving lessons, K53 lessons, and Code 8 drivers license. They teach how to drive cars, bikes, and trucks.

You can contact them by calling +27 79 480 3229 or directly messaging them on Instagram. Judging from the pictures on their Instagram handle, you can tell that they have trained a good number of people.

2. Paul’s Driving School

  • Contact Address: 268 Trouw Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0084
  • Phone Number: 081 390 6733

Paul’s Driving School is located at 268 Trouw Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0084, and they provide driving lessons for people in Pretoria and Centurion. This driving school offers driving lessons and pick-up and drop-off services for the purpose of testing. One of the reasons this driving school has made it to our list of top driving schools in Pretoria is that they provide quality driving lessons and make obtaining your driver’s license easier and faster.

3. Genesis Driving School

  • Contact Address: 81 Codonia Avenue, Moregloed, Pretoria – 0186
  • Phone Number: 071 877 1362

Genesis Driving School is located at 81 Codonia Avenue, Moregloed, Pretoria – 0186. Like Paul’s Driving School, they also help facilitate the process of learning how to drive and obtain a driver’s license. To offer more satisfaction to their clients, they also provide pick-up and drop-off services.

This school prides itself on having a high pass rate and professional driving instructors. They also help in making appointments for your driving test. So if you stay anyway around Codonia Avenue and wish to learn how to drive, it may be a good idea to consider Genesis Driving School.

4. KSM Driving

  • Contact Address: 227 Compacta Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0116
  • Phone Number: 082 574 1637

KSM Driving is a drivers training school in Pretoria that provides training for industries and corporate bodies. During the process of learning how to drive, individuals or businesses make use of vehicles and equipment that belong to KSM. This driving school allows learners to use their vehicle to limit and reduce the risk on the learner.

In KSM, it is believed that quality drivers training reduces risk and saves lives; one of their core values is safety and then quality service. This driving school has been in existence since 1994 and now prides itself on being one of the best in South Africa as a whole. The driving school is located at 227 Compacta Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria – 0116. You can contact them by calling 082 574 1637.

5. Ur Driving School

  • Contact Address: Rave Centre, Cnr Booysen, and Paul Kruger, Les Marais, Pretoria – 0084
  • Phone Number: 072 0707277

Ur Driving School in Pretoria provides driving lessons for people in Pretoria and Centurion and is a member of the State of Africa National Association of Driving Schools. This driving school does not only teach you how to drive but also prepares you for your driver’s license test by teaching you how to drive and park the K53 way.

Driving Schools In Pretoria

The school also provides pick and drop services for clients at any location they provide. Their driving instructors have been trained to adjust their teaching methods depending on the skill set of each client. During driving lessons, they make use of dual-controlled vehicles. Ur Driving School is located at Rave Centre, Cnr Booysen and Paul Kruger, Les Marais, Pretoria – 0084.

6. Prep2drive

  • Contact Address: Montana Park, Pretoria – 0151
  • Phone Number: 012 547 5468

Prep2drive is located at Montana Park, Pretoria – 0151, and aside from providing driving lessons, they also provide vehicle and driver hire, transportation vehicles around South Africa, vehicles for moving home furniture. Based on the reviews they have online, Prep2drive has good customer service and provides quality services.

7. Rize Up Driving Academy

  • Contact Address: Pretoria Ext 1, Pretoria – 0183
  • Phone Number: 083 645 4156

You can contact Rize Up Driving Academy on 083 645 4156 or visit their offline office at Pretoria Ext 1, Pretoria – 0183. This driving school is one of the few in Pretoria founded by a woman. Aside from driving lessons, they also facilitate the collection of driver’s licenses from code 08 to 14.

Driving Schools In Pretoria

To suit the financial needs of different types of clients, they offer pay-per-day services, monthly payments services, and even full package prices. They provide services for people in Bedfordview, Waterloo, Pretoria, and Midrand.

8. Liberty School of Driving

  • Contact Address: 447 Airport Road, Doornpoort, Pretoria – 0186
  • Phone Number: 082 950 3483

This driving school is located at Cobusoord, 447 Airport Road, Doornpoort, Pretoria – 0186. Like most driving schools in our list of top driving schools in Pretoria, they provide driving lessons, training based on the K53 standard with a K53 Instructor. They also help facilitate obtaining your code B (8) learner and driving license.

9. Aspigon Driving Academy

  • Contact Address: 625 32nd Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria – 0186
  • Phone Number: 081 382 7004

Aspigon Driving school has been in existence since 2005, and they pride themselves in their ability to help both young and old pass their driving test in the first trial. This driving school in Pretoria helps ensure that obtaining your learner and driver’s license is easier and faster. To prepare their students for driving tests, they have online driving tests – asides from offline training.

Driving Schools In Pretoria

The school has been able to help hundreds of people pass their driving test because their lessons are up to K53 Learners License and Driver’s License test standards. According to the information on their website, they have a 95% pass rate. You can contact them on 081 382 7004 or email them at [email protected]. Their physical location is at 625 32nd Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria – 0186.

10. Bonus Driving School

  • Contact Address: 1133, Cunningham Avenue, Villieria, Villieria, Pretoria – 0186,
  • Phone Number: 081 821 3888

Bonus Driving School prides itself on having friendly driving instructors who provide a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere for their students. Each student is assigned to an instructor who will be responsible for training them and preparing them for their driving test. Bonus Driving School assists its students in obtaining all codes of driver’s licenses, including:

  • Code A
  • Code B
  • Code EB
  • Code C1
  • Code EC1
  • Code E

This driving school is located at 1133 Cunningham Avenue, Villieria, Villieria, Pretoria – 0186. To book a lesson, you can visit their website or call 081 821 3888.

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