August 3 Elections Most Important Since 1994 – DA’s Leon


Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Tony Leon has emphasized the importance of the August 3 election.

He said the upcoming elections will be the most important election since 1994.

“I think although this is a local government election, given the backdrop against which it’s happening from Nenegate, through to the multiple crises of governance and the mushrooming of corruption, it is the most important since 1994.”

Tony Leon Praises SA Judiciary

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Leon stated that the judiciary gave South Africans hope that nobody is above the law – making reference to the Constitutional  Court’s damning Nkandla judgement.

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“For the first time in our history ever, we have a president who… the highest court in our land said violated his oath of office. I do think that you can have a good judiciary and good private sector. But if you don’t have a strong competitive democracy you are missing the essential prospect for a national revival,” he said.

Leon’s assertions came few hours before he joined others on a march against drugs and crime in Chatsworth, south of Durban.

He urged the DA to spread its political tentacles and widen its national presence.

“They’ve got a get a good national presence. Sometimes you have to make a few compromising concessions for that. It doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s got to try to become a home that more South Africans who were never in the DA feel at home in.”

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DA leader Mmusi Maimane was also praised for being a “good man with courage and purpose.” However, Leon requested Maimane to keep up the fight against corruption and other challenges.

“I led the opposition for 13 years; he’s only been there for one. It’s a tough job and you’ve got to be tough-minded and put up with a lot of stuff.

In a sense, leading the opposition today is easier than when I was leading it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new challenges. I’m sure he’s got the youth, the drive and intelligence to succeed,” he said.