Tom Ford Reveals How He Battles With Daily Suicidal Thoughts


Popular US designer and film director Tom Ford has revealed that he has been battling with depression since he was 8.

Ford made the shocking revelation during an interview where he talked about having suicidal thoughts right from childhood.

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According to Ford, there’s no day that passed that he didn’t think of death. Moreover, he hinted that he may have inherited the trait from his family.

He said;

“I can remember early thoughts of suicide at eight or nine-years-old. Those things are often hereditary – people in my family have had that – as is alcoholism, and that’s also something I’ve dealt with.

“That’s a very big factor of my life, fighting against that. It’s quite under control now. I don’t drink – that’s an enormous factor. And I am fairly grounded. I have a wonderful family life. I exercise, I play tennis every day, all those little things.

“Death is all I think about. There is not a day or really an hour that goes by that I don’t think about death. I think you are born a certain way. I think you just come out that way.”

In addition to always thinking about death, the designer also admits he lives in “constant fear” that something will go wrong. This makes his life somewhat unhappy.

Moreover, Tom Ford had a protective childhood which also contributed to his super-self-conscious lifestyle.

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“I was super-self-conscious, which hasn’t changed. I can’t stand having my picture taken. I’m extremely shy, which isn’t something people would expect,” the 55-year-old added.

However, time has healed most of his wounds and he has learnt to deal with his depressing thoughts. But, it wasn’t until he became sober several years ago that Ford was able to keep his depression in check. Also, the support from his family – 68-year-old husband Richard Buckley, and their four-year-old son Jack helped him through.