Tokyo Sexwale – ‘I Have Zero Desire To Vie For SAFA Post If I Lose FIFA Contest’


Tokyo Sexwale has said that it will be a step in the wrong direction to seek any position within South African Football Association (SAFA) if he fails in his bid to become FIFA president tomorrow.

Tokyo Sexwale responded when asked of the possibility of seeking to lead the SA Football Association (SAFA) one day and said: “I have no desire, absolutely zero. I have been put where I am in FIFA by the South African football community from 2004.”

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“I first started in the fair play committee and then I was in the media committee. I was also put into the anti-racism task force and in my manifesto, I proposed that this task force have its status raised to that of a standing FIFA committee because this issue of racism in football is not going away. Whoever becomes FIFA president should ensure it is given better status,” said Tokyo Sexwale.

“I was also a member of the 2010 bid committee and SAFA also put me in the preparatory committee after we won the bid and then I became a board member of the Local Organising Committee. These are positions I’ve occupied because of the support that originated from SAFA.

“Now I think it’s enough that they put me right at the top of football. For me to come back and now seek a local position, I think that would be bad manners. You can’t sit in such committees and then come and compete for the presidency of an association. It’s like asking me as a member of the cabinet in South Africa to now go and compete to be a councillor. It’s bad strategy and bad manners. It makes good sense to remain doing what I’m doing in Fifa,” he added.

Tokyo Sexwale is among the selected five candidates who will be contesting for the Fifa presidency in Zurich tomorrow. Reports say he might lose Africans’ support in the race and this will leave him with a slim chance of becoming the next leader of FIFA.

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