Tito Mboweni: Malema Negotiates Royalties With Cassper On Behalf Of The Ex-governor


Perhaps, presenter Sizwe Dhlomo should arrange for a training session with EFF leader Julius Malema to coach him on deal negotiation as suggested by Tito Mboweni.

After former Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni saw Cassper Nyovest’s cover for his new single, Tito Mboweni, set to be released on Friday, he decided to get his royalties. And for that, he needed a negotiator.

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Apparently, Sizwe failed in this regard and knowing what a great negotiator Malema is, Mboweni asked him to handle the deal for him instead.

After alerting Cassper to expect his invoice soon, the former governor tweeted Malema jokingly saying;

“Juju, homeboy, can you negotiate with Cassper for royalties before Friday? Sizwe Dhlomo has successfully failed man. Eish,” he wrote.

Malema assured him that he would sort it out for him.

And judging from the results, Juju is still the best in the game. A few hours later, Mboweni announced that he has struck a deal with Cassper who reached out to him. This is all thanks to Juju.

“Juju has fulfilled the task. @CassperNyovest has made contact with me. Khotso! Pula! Nala! Let the Youth dance and rejoice! Yours is the time!”

However, it was Cassper who got the real victory as he shared that the first single of his upcoming album would drop with no challenges, because he has Tito Mboweni’s blessing to release the track. The rapper also shared with fans that he spoke to the former governor and he gave him the go-ahead.

Tito Mboweni is one of the tracks from Cassper’s upcoming album Thuto which is dropping on May 7. The single is scheduled to drop tomorrow.

For those fans who have been waiting the rapper to release a new song, that day is upon us. Moreover, Cassper says the wait will be worth it.

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