Are You Aware A Tiger Is Roaming The Streets Of Pretoria? See Footage


What will you do if you wake up one morning, look out through your window and find a wild cat, cat-walking your street?

I’d bet you’ll go for your phone first.

You’ll probably call the authorities handling such issues, or take snap shots and video footage to buzz social media. Whichever-way, you’d go for your phone first.

Reports have it that a wild cat escaped from a Farm Inn and is roaming the streets of east Pretoria.

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BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that residents of the area were shocked to sight the tiger wandering their surroundings this morning.

The wild cat was reportedly spotted near the fence of The Meadows estate at about 7 am.

As gathered, it was later uncovered that the tiger escaped from a Farm Inn in Silverlakes.

Confronted, Pedro Michaletos – the Farm Inn owner – commented that he wasn’t aware his tiger escaped its enclosure.

“I did not realize that my tiger was outside,” he said. “I only became aware of this when photos of my wandering cat was put on Facebook,” Michaletos added.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time wild cats restricted movement in South Africa.

Sometimes in April, Johannesburg residents panicked after Columbus was sighted strolling the streets of a residential area. Relief only reigned when the residents were assured and reassured that the giant male lion was part of a filming crew and not on the loose.

Anyway, the wandering tiger was darted, captured and safely taken back to its home. Michaletos promised that investigation has been launched to find out how Mr tiger escaped its enclosure.

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After this, necessary precautions will follow to ensure the wild cat remain caged. So, all things being equal, we won’t get to see this cat take over our streets again.