Details On The Quest For Who Will Fit Into Thuli’s Big Shoes


Thulisile Madonsela who is almost coming to the end of her selfless service to her country as Public Protector has expressed concern over who will succeed her.

As part of plans to chose a worthy replacement to fill in Madonsela’s big shoes, Parliament has announced it will soon establish a multi-party committee to begin the process of appointing a new Public Protector prior to the end of her seven year tenure.

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Madonsela’s non-renewable seven year term will end in October.

A statement released by the Parliament says: “For the committee to be established, a motion has to be moved and adopted in the National Assembly.”

Most importantly, Parliament must also “facilitate public involvement in the process of recommending candidates to fill vacancies on the Institutions Supporting Democracy”, among which is the office of the Public Protector.

A candidate can only be confirmed by the president to occupy the post of Public Protector if at least 60 percent of Members of Parliament (MPs) in the National Assembly give their approval to the candidate.

The most remarkable event during Madonsela’ tenure was her inquiry into the infamous security upgrades at President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead that revealed some irregularities.

The Constitutional Court ruled that her office has the power to investigate the President concluding that Zuma has to pay back a portion of the money spent on the Nkandla project.

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However, it was not a bed of roses for Thulisile Madonsela in the time she spent fighting corruption in the society.

Information reaching the Public protector from a known police informant earlier this month revealed that a hit had been ordered on her life.

It was reported that a Western Cape gang boss had been paid R740,000 to have her eliminated.