Thulas Nxesi Deceived SA On Zuma’s Nkandla Cost Calculation – DA


The Democratic Alliance (DA) claims the Minister of Public Works, Thulas Nxesi manipulated the cost calculation of the monies used to refurbish Zuma’s Nkandla home.

This comes after the National Treasury declared Zuma free after paying back the monies used to refurbish his home.

Opposition party the DA, claimed that the public work minister, Thulas Nxesi deliberately attempted to mislead Parliament in a recent reply to a parliamentary question, which directly contradicts information provided by the National Treasury in the court papers on the Nkandla cost calculation.

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The parliament had in a statement asked if the president provided all relevant documents needed for the calculations of the Nkandla cost.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) was also asked to provide electronic and hard copies of the relevant construction and engineering drawings, associated specifications and the site layout of the President’s residence at Nkandla in respect of the five facilities that the Constitutional Court found President Zuma liable for. Information used for costing purposes was to be extracted from these drawings.

DA’s shadow deputy minister of finance, Alf Lees said Nxesi’s reply had been brought into question in court papers where National Treasury revealed “shortcomings by the DPW in providing information as mandated”.

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The Party said the electronic and hard copies of the design, construction and engineering drawings and the associated specifications and site layout relating to the five facilities did not include the final “as built” drawings neither did any of the information received include structural drawings, wet surfaces, civil, electrical or mechanical information or any related specifications.

“In addition, no bill of quantities was provided to assist in the determination of the reasonable costs incurred in building the said facilities.

“It is, therefore, clear that Thulas Nxesi has deliberately tried to mislead Parliament in his reply, and the DA will move a motion to this effect once the House sits again,” DA said.

The Public work department was not immediately available to make comment on the matter.

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