Three SA Women Dragged To KZN Court For Gang-Raping A Man


BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that three SA women were dragged to KNZ court yesterday for gang-raping a man in Hluhluwe, northern KZN.

The victim narrated that he was at home when he got a call from a woman he knew. She begged him to come around and help her fix an electrical fault.

He arrived, met the woman with another woman, and later discovered another hiding behind the door. The hiding woman revealed herself and closed the door.

That was when the three women informed him that they desire to sleep with him. They attacked him afterwards and gang-raped him.

He informed his family about his misfortune, they wouldn’t believe him until a footage of the incident appeared online and circulated.

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Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) rebuked the circulation of the video showing the Hluhluwe man being raped by the three women saying it’s against the law to distribute pornographic content through social media or any other form without following legal prescripts.

The Commission said it is outraged about the case. Speaking for the CGE, Its Chairperson, Mfanozelwe Shozi said:

“I am very sad that we experience yet another rape…This case and many other similar GBV cases should compel stakeholders with specific interest in this matter to work together in order to root out the scourge of gender-based violence in our society. As a society, we should have zero tolerance for such acts regardless of who the victim is.”

CGE encouraged men who have been raped to report it so that the society will be informed that boys and men are also sexually violated.

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Nonetheless, the Commission stressed that rape is rape regardless of who the perpetrator of such crime is.

“… CGE will closely monitor the case as part of its internal court monitoring process to ensure justice is done and seen to be done,” the Commission vowed.