Three Ex-SA Cops charged in Ghana for ‘Engaging In Terrorist Acts’


Three South African citizens have been granted bail after they were arrested by the Ghanaian Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) for allegedly training fifteen young men to engage in terrorist acts.

Reports said that the suspects, Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (Rtd.) 54, WO/Denver Dwayhe Naidu (Rtd.) 39, and Captain Mlungiseleli Jokani (Rtd.) 45, were nabbed on Sunday March 20, 2016 at El Capitano Hotel in Agona Duakwa in Ghana.

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According to a BNI document, the trio were conducting the security drills on the pretext that the men were being trained for Delta Force Security, owned by Capt Kwesi Acquah (Rtd).

Also, it was reported that the El-Capitano Hotel, where the three former South African ex-servicemen were nabbed belongs to Capt Acquah (Rtd). They men claimed that they were security management consultants. further reports that the trio, who were former SA police officers were training the fifteen young men in various military drills, including unarmed combat, weapon handling, VIP protection techniques and rapid response maneuvers.

Also local police and the BNI operatives revealed that they also discovered a ‘comprehensive report’ on the operations.

“The document contained a detailed profile of all the workers of Super Lock Technologies (STL), past and present and went on to identify key staff members. It also gave an assessment of their strengths and vulnerabilities with the view to possibly compromising them so as to get them commit acts that will tend to favour a particular party in the 2016 elections, using the STL security infrastructure,” BNI said.

Speaking further, the BNI divulged that a look at the trio’s passport indicate that they entered the country weeks ago on business visas issued by Ghana’s mission in Pretoria, South Africa.

However, the three have appeared in court. Daily Guide Africa reports that an Accra circuit court judge ruled each of them be granted bail to the tune of GHc 20,000 each with one surety.

The men however pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful training and false declaration.

The case has been adjourned to April 12, 2016.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) has also confirmed the case.  Speaking about the case, Dirco spokesperson Nelson Kgwete said the three are former police officers were arrested last week.

“The South African embassy in Accra has confirmed to us that three South African citizens have been arrested in the country by Ghanaian authorities. The three are former members of South African Police Service.”

Spokesperson Nelson Kgwete earlier mentioned that embassy officials there will be visiting the three officers in prison soon and report back to the department.

“We will wait for their first court appearance before we can comment on the nature of the charges that they’re facing. What we know is that they’re in custody and our embassy officials have made arrangements to visit and interview them,”Kgwete earlier said.

However, GhanaWeb reported on Thursday that the Media Liaison Director in-charge of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Nelson Kgwete asserted that the case is now a criminal one, as such, they will allow the Ghanaian authorities to continue with the criminal process.

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