Analysts Reveal Shocking Info About Those Defending Zuma – See Why They Do It


Though the call for President Zuma to vacate the seat of presidency persist, analysts are of the view that Zuma will not yield to such call and that those defending Zuma are benefiting from is conducts.

Joining other analysts on this issue, political economist Mcebisi Ndletyana said President Zuma will never willingly leave office because he is running away from prosecution and possible jail time. He said Zuma’s departure from the presidency would also unearth hosts of patronage networks, which have been benefiting from his government.

Ndletyana was speaking to academics and students of the University of Johannesburg yesterday who gathered at a seminar of SA’s state of political crisis, themed on the recent Constitutional Court ruling on the Nkandla saga and how it has been treated in the political establishment.

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There, the political economist accused Zuma of creating a patronage system since he assumed office in 2009. He said: “Zuma has been using state resources to evade the law.”

Claiming that all the corrupt practices and political manipulation that has been revealed in recent times were just a tip of the iceberg, the analyst said the probe into state capture by Luthuli House following the Gupta scandals could uncover other evidence that could make him liable for criminal prosecution.

“If he were to step down, all his cronies would become vulnerable for prosecution. That is what is behind the resistance to resign and what Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini meant when she said ‘all of us have our smallernyana skeletons’,” he said referring to top members of the ruling ANC who are still in support that Zuma remains in office.

Meanwhile, Professor Somadoda Fikeni who was also present at the seminar condemned those who have in one way or the order supported Zuma or the ANC’s misdeeds saying it will only mean to degenerate to the level of “moral relativism”

Fikeni further said that by defending Zuma, the ANC had put itself in an awkward situation and that it has confirmed Zuma’s statement last year that the party comes first before the people.

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