Pics: Check Out Thobeka Zuma’s Birthday And Everything You Missed


There’s a certain charm in writing sweet words to our loved ones – especially people who we are very intimate with.

Take it or leave it, writing a love letter is a timeless and a classic way to give voice to one’s emotions and Thobeka Zuma is one woman that has repeatedly done so on the walls of Instagram.

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Sometime in November 2016, Thoebeka – one of Zuma’s four wives – unveiled five interesting facts about her hubby – recounting the President’s relationship with other members of the first family outside the ‘maddening’ political scene.

It’s no secret that Thobeka is Zuma’s most preferred wife, the prettiest, most charming of them all, and her husband biggest supporter. The first lady has never ceased to heap praises on Zuma publicly, especially on Instagram, where she has a handful of fans.

She celebrated her birthday on Sunday, April 2. The occasion was attended by her husband and some MK veterans, who apparently made the dinner a bit livelier.

Thoeba subsequently shared pictures of the colourful birthday dinner on the social media. She wrapped up her post by thanking God for giving her a wonderful husband and a lovely family.

She wrote: “Thank you, Lord for the gift of life you have blessed me with, could not ask for more. I am thankful for every breath I take, I am perfectly aware that every time I take a breath someone somewhere loses it. Thank you for blessing me with the most wonderful family not to mention a husband, best friend, companion, father to my kids.

Also, I have hubby to thank…There is one foundation in the world that no earthquake or tornado can shake – the love of my husband. Thank you Msholozi.”

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Thobeka, a former bank clerk met Zuma at the age of 21 and in 2010, she joined the league of Zuma’s wives after their traditional wedding. Zuma’s other wives are Bongi Ngema Zuma; Nompumelelo MaNtuli Zuma and Sizakele MaKhumalo Zuma.

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