Must Read: South African First Lady Goes Public On President Zuma


Like most countries in the world, South Africa is one of the countries with more than one first lady.

Though it’s not surprising that women in the modern world can afford to share their spouse with another woman; Zuma’s appetite for wives, according to some reports is insatiable.

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President Zuma has four strong wives around him – of course, you should know in women’s world, it takes endurance and tolerance to mingle peacefully with one another.

Bongi Ngema Zuma; Nompumelelo MaNtuli Zuma; Thobeka Madiba-Zuma; and Sizakele MaKhumalo Zuma; are South Africa’s first ladies. But Thobeka is Zuma’s most preferred wife – she also appears to be the prettiest and most charming of them all.

In 2010, Thobeka, a former bank clerk joined the league of Zuma’s wives after her traditional wedding with Zuma.


Though Zuma’s beauty queen doesn’t go public at all times, she recently unveiled five interesting facts about her hubby – recounting the President’s relationship with other members of the first family outside the ‘maddening’ political scene.

Opening the lid on Zuma’s life on Instagram, Thobeka Madiba-Zuma spills it all about her husband. According to her, the first thing that interests Zuma most is that he loves spending quality time with his daughters during his free moments. He ices this time by taking selfies with them.


Digging down a bit, the first lady affirmed that her husband wears pink.  A picture she posted showed Zuma wearing a pink T-shirt during a walk for cancer awareness. He was spotted with his heartthrob and daughters.


Many of us know that Zuma has a special love for all his kids. But Thobeka appears to have proved us wrong a bit, according to the first lady, President Zuma has some kind of fatherly and unfathomable love for one of his youngest daughters. According to Thobeka, this special love “shows in their eyes”.


While we thought she was done, Thobeka Madiba-Zuma flipped through another page – where she agreed her husband is a die-hard fan of soccer. Validating her claims, she posted a picture of her and Zuma watching a soccer game between France and Portugal while in France on an official visit.


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The last but not the least was Zuma’s undying love for Thobeka Madiba-Zuma’s cancer foundation. As disclosed by the first lady, Zuma often attends functions with her and offers moral support.


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