‘This Year’s Election Is About What Kind Of Future We Want’ – Maimane


All around South Africa, everybody foresees a tough 2016 local government election. Taking a look at political news buzzing within and outside the state, one would affirm that the heat is gradually getting intensified around most people and more are expected to go completely dry when the much-anticipated elections come and go.

It is obvious that most political parties seem to be warming up for a change in political regime except for ANC, who has vowed to ‘retain all the metros under its control’.

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Be that as it may, The Democratic Alliance has encouraged youths to go and register their names for the forthcoming election. Recently, the DA has risen to be a thorn on the flesh of President Zuma.

The opposition party leader Maimane Mmusi has led countless anti-zuma propositions, including his latest motion for a vote of no confidence in the president.

Nevertheless, as the election draws closer, Maimane has called on all and sundry to register in order to vote in this year’s Local Government Elections‚ and in doing so will secure their right to shape the future of the country.

He told them their vote will play a heavy role in choosing between a regime that will come with a “new‚ fresh‚ clean and citizen-orientated government‚ or five more years of the same [referring to the led-administration]”.

“This year’s election is about what kind of future we want‚ and it is about undoing decades of neglect and inequity. South Africans‚ young and old‚ will exercise their constitutional right to choose their own future and to vote for the political party they believe is best equipped to bring about a better‚ safer and more prosperous South African for all who live in it.”

“Young South Africans have become the casualties of the current ANC government. From student protests and unrest across our universities‚ to the fact that the unemployment rate amongst our youth is more than twice that of adults‚ young people have taken the brunt of the ANC’s bad governance.

“Many young South Africans are now realizing that they have the power to create change‚ because governments don’t change by protest‚ and governments don’t change by violence. Governments change by the vote‚” Maimane said.

Yesterday, President Zuma also called on South Africans, especially youths who recently joined the voting age to go and register in order to select their preferred candidates in the forthcoming local government election.

Zuma said this before hitting his local station, Ntolwane Primary School in KwaNxamalala in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal for registration.

Most political parties in the state have expressed hope that they’d break election records by emerging victorious against the ruling party ANC.

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