Think Your Job Is Not The Career You Dreamt Of? Here’s How To Make It

As worker’s day looms, plans are made and fun hotels and beaches are checked out. Most workers are excited not because they will be celebrated on that day, but because they will get a break from work. And as the holiday comes in on Friday, the excitement is even more intense because it means a long weekend. Most people will travel home at the close of work on Thursday and will spend quality time with the family or that special someone, while some others will have the time to go for that long deserved massage session.

To burst the happy bubble, I believe that the excitement of not going to work on workers day should be reserved solely for those who hate their jobs or those who are doing some of the worst jobs in the world. For those who enjoy what they do, and for those who see their job as a way of getting paid to do what you love doing, a long weekend is not going to be fun since you will not be doing what you love doing best.

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Now, bearing in mind that there are fantastic jobs, and horrible jobs, it is still very vital to love what you do. So the question is “Do You Love Your Job?” And the answer is “If you can’t be with the job you love, love the one you’re with.”

If you ask so many people today what they are currently doing, it is not what they dreamt of doing when they were much younger. This is because life has a way of getting in the way of what we want and presenting us what it has instead so that most times, instead of building a career in your dream field, you find yourself slowly and steadily climbing a different ladder in a different field. Whats more, before you can pinch yourself to come down the ladder, you already have bills to pay and some mouths to feed. At this stage, when you think of starting over in a new career, all you need to is remember the bills that line up every day and you will happily remain rooted to the spot where you are.

You could let this depress you, and let’s face it, many people do. They get frustrated by the fact that they had unknowingly gotten to a point where they cannot turn back but they still can’t muster any love for the point at which they find themselves. The effect of this is that going to work interests them as much as taking injections interests a child.

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But there’s good news that will make you really have fun this workers day and in much more to come. You could try infusing what you love doing into what you are already doing. Find a way to marry your passion to your job and you will realize that it’s not a bad job after all. You will rediscover the joy you lost along your way up the ladder.

Is your job not quite your dream position?

– Find a way to fuse the two together. How could what you love benefit what it is you’re doing?

Addicted to Facebook and Twitter? Find out if your company is open to sending you to a social media workshop and allowing you to do the social media marketing for them.

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– Freelance. Who doesn’t have more than one job these days? Offer your freelancing services doing what you love, while you’re in your not-so-dreamy job and build up your portfolio in the meantime.

– Think outside the box. A friend wanted to spend more time at home with her daughter. She and her colleague work in the tourism industry and their pay is largely commission based. So, they approached their boss and agreed to take home only one salary between the two of them if they could split the time as well.

So now they’re working half the time but still managing to take home all the commission they were making before.

Once you are able to do a little of what you love each day, you will find yourself loving that job that was once a burden. Remember that hating your job will only make you miserable for close to half of your lifetime.

What are your tips for finding joy in your work? Share with us so that we can better celebrate worker’s day.


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