9 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful


It is human nature to want to succeed in whatever we do, that’s why there are a million formulas and rules for success out there.

There’s an influx of information on things you need to do in pursuit of this; however, what people rarely talk about are the things you need to stop doing if you want to be successful.

Success looks different to everyone and it means different things to different people, however, the things we should all avoid are universal; some of which include:

Being Afraid to Fail

Don't be afraid

In whatever you do, there are bound to be ups and downs. There’s no success without failure. If you go into anything being afraid to fail then you already have a losing mentality. Success comes from what you’ll do when you encounter situations that can be deemed as ‘failures’. How you rise from it and how you overcome it is the attitude that propels winners ahead.

Making Excuses

On the path to success, excuses are your biggest enemies. Don’t blame other people or circumstances for where you are at in life, this is not what successful people do – successful people take charge of situations, no matter how dire. If you want to be better, do better.

Find opportunities in every black hole. Yes, situations can be very bad, if you don’t let them deter you or hold you back then you will succeed. Many people have started out in much worse situations than you are in right now and gone on to be successful.

Tip: From today onwards, every choice or decision you make, ask yourself – how does this get me to where I want to be to succeed.

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Being Without A Plan

Yes, you want to be a millionaire by the time you’re thirty. That’s not important, what is of the utmost importance is how you plan to get it done. Don’t go through life hoping good things would happen to you, you make it happen. You need to have a plan if you want to be successful and you need to pursue it relentlessly.

Decide for yourself what success means to you and then ensure that you get it. You cannot win if you don’t plan to. Set some goals, be ambitious, have a backup plan too, don’t give up.

Giving Up

stop giving up

Have you ever heard this saying, if you’re tired of starting over…stop giving up? There’s one thing you should not do if you want to succeed, that’s to give up. Giving up is for quitters and for people who aren’t ready to become winners.

When you face a dire situation, you have to ask yourself what you can learn from this or how you can get over this. Life will always find ways to knock you down – you can either choose to stay down or get back into the fight. Getting back into the fight is always the right choice.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t know when to cut your losses, there’s nothing wrong with that. If a path to success is unyielding, you can always try another path, the problem comes when you give up on your dream because ‘it was too hard’ or ‘it was taking too long’.

Knowing when to cut your losses however, as opposed to giving up, is a skill that takes time to master but it is one of the most necessary to learn to be successful. It takes wisdom, it takes patience and it takes time.

Taking The Easy Way

Speaking of time, one thing to stop doing is looking for the easy way or the quicker route to success. If it were easy, everyone would be successful. Truth is, taking shortcuts has its way of backfiring; steady grinding and hard work, on the other hand, is foolproof.

There is no greater reward than succeeding the right way; knowing that there is nothing anyone can say or do to bring you down because you built yourself up the right way is one of the greatest rewards that accompany success.

Giving The Negatives Too Much Mind



While this may sound cliche, it is important to focus on the positives. No one is saying that the negatives should be ignored, but learn from them and move on. There are situations in life that you have no control over – some may be negative, some may be positive.

However, if you spend all your time focusing on the negatives ones they will drag you down, if you ignore them completely and focus on the positive ones then you’ll find yourself in a false bubble.

The trick is to find balance, pay equal attention to both but draw meaning and inspiration from the positive situations. If you focus solely on the negatives, you’ll never be satisfied.

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Blaming Yourself

Please, stop beating yourself up and stop blaming yourself when things don’t go according to plan. As mentioned earlier, sometimes things are beyond our control. Be kind to yourself, that is the only way you can propel forward.

Failures happen sometimes, but it is important not to blame yourself for them, spending too much time on past choices, beating yourself up over them will only hold you back. Focus on the positives, focus on the future.

Not Being Grateful

Be grateful

If you want to succeed and be content with your success, you need to be more appreciative and more grateful. Not just of the big achievements but the small ones as well. Every little thing you achieve should never stop being celebrated – you don’t have to go all out for this, dinner with a loved one (someone you want to share your success with) will do.

Also being grateful to and appreciative of the people around you. No man is an island and no one can do it all on their own, if there’s anyone around who has helped you achieve your goals, be appreciative. Remember you don’t owe them for your success, just appreciate the part they played in it. It will make people more likely to help you in future and this increases your chances at networking and success

Allowing Yourself Get Distracted

When you develop your plan to success, stick to it. Allowing yourself get distracted from the ultimate plan is not only disheartening but a guaranteed way to waste your time. One guaranteed thing is to avoid making too many plans at once.

There’s nothing wrong with diversity, the problem comes with starting too many things and finishing none. You may have a plan and life takes you a different way, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

If ‘being happy’ was your ultimate success goal, ask yourself ‘this new path that I’m on, will it make me happy?’ If the answer is yes, then proceed. If it’s no, the retrace your steps and realign yourself to right path.