Inside Cedric Fourie’s Love Life With Alleged Older Wife Zari Hassan

Cedric Fourie has been nicknamed the eye candy among his female fans and it is not difficult to see why. The networking engineer-turned-actor has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment circle which in more ways than one has drawn all the attention he requires his way. He is an actor, a reality TV star, businessman, and fitness enthusiast. Besides the fact that he seems to be a favorite for the ladies, his sexuality raised a few eyebrows before he eventually set the records straight concerning which way he swings.

Although the air has been cleared and many now believe Cedric is as straight as they come, something still seems to be missing as he is currently not known to be dating anyone. This could equally not be the case as there is a very big possibility that he just prefers to keep his personal life to himself. However, from all accounts and despite his penchant for keeping his personal life far from prying eyes, the actor appears to be alone for now.

Who Is Cedric Fourie’s Wife? Did He Truly Marry Zari Hassan?

Sometime in 2019, it came to light that the actor was in a relationship with Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan. Because they had kept it all under wraps for as long as they could, their fans had to make deductions from what little info was available from pictures posted, Instagram story videos, and the subtle hints they dropped here and there.

Chief among said hints was Zari’s reference to Cedric as her King Bae. Things soon escalated when rumors started making rounds that the pair had secretly gotten married after dating for a few years. While there were no facts to substantiate the allegations, Zari was said to have been the originator of the rumors after she made a post that referred to the actor as her husband. She went further to allege that he had bought a house for her in Pretoria after their wedding, which further gave the rumors some credence.

Through all of the speculations, Fourie stoically remained mute and rather went about his business as usual, neither confirming nor denying the story. Eventually, when their fans got tired of asking unanswered questions, they let the issue snooze, waiting for when the couple would reveal the truth.

Here’s What You Should Know About Zari Hassan

The boss lady as she calls herself was born in Uganda to parents of mixed ethnicity. She had her secondary education in her home country before proceeding to the United Kingdom to study Cosmetology. She would return after her studies to settle in South Africa where she built her business empire and made a name for herself as a socialite and an influencer of good repute.

Zari is not one to hedge or hide and as such, her personal life has not had any ambiguity to it. She was married to the late Ugandan businessman Ivan Don Semwanga who she divorced long before his death. She had a long and very publicized relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz. From the two relationships above, Zari is also a mother of five.

Married or Not, Cedric and Zari Had Something Going

While no facts prove that they were married, Cedric Fourie was definitely in a relationship with the Ugandan socialite. To their credit, and quite unusual for Zari’s style, they successfully kept their love to themselves long after they started dating. No timeline shows exactly how they met or even when they started dating, but seeing as Zari shuffles her life and work between her home country and SA, it would be safe to surmise that they met in the line of work and made a connection.


However, it all came to light when Zari posted loved-up videos of them in her Instagram story as seen above, sharing a kiss in a club. While many appreciated their love, others had some very strong opinions about it which they did not hold back. In all, a bulk of the criticisms their relationship received boiled down to the glaring difference in their age.

Cedric Fourie is 33 Years Old While Zari is 43 Years Old

It may not be the only reason why, but the massive age gap between the hunky star and his alleged wife was chief among other reasons, many had unflattering things to say about the relationship. While Cedric Fourie seems to still be getting the hang of fame and success at 33 Zari has been married, divorced, had other relationships, given birth to five kids, and built herself an empire at 43. Hence, as soon as the news of the two being a couple hit, criticisms followed.

The most criticisms came from fans of the actor who accused the Boss Lady of often picking and going into relationships with younger men who she controls. To further lend credence to this is the fact that Diamond Platnumz who is Zari’s most recent ex is also eight years younger than she is.

Cedric Fourie
Cedric and Zari

In the face of all that negativity at the time, the couple was not deterred in any way. Cedric Fourie seemed immune to all of the criticisms and maintained his silence. Zari on the other hand had a lot to say, she made a post saying it has become a habit for society to judge people’s relationships in one way or another. She went further to give an example of young girls being called gold diggers when they date older men and older women being tagged desperate cradle snatchers when they date younger men.

In her opinion, however, matters of the heart are complicated to some extent that are beyond our understanding. Love, she said, is and should be unconditional, found in the most bizarre places and with the least expected person. Therefore, for her, it’s not the status nor the levels, not the financial stability or the public elevated status that matters. She concluded with a post which we surmised was directed at Kingbae as she called Cedric at the time saying “Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will”.

Sadly The Relationship Ended As Fast As It Began

After Zari went Instagram official with their love and the fan craze descended on them with the spotlight shining on their every move and every post. At some point, she had to make an appeal to her fans, begging them to stop shadowing Cedric’s every move. When attempts at reclaiming their privacy failed, it only seemed fit for the lovebirds to withdraw and allow the media to have their fun before coming back stronger.

However, a few weeks soon turned to a few months, and still, nothing was heard. Soon enough, eager fans suspected there was trouble in paradise with speculations flying around about a possible split. They apparently did not last for long because she soon confirmed it with a post that read.

“With love sometimes shit happens, like that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways but we still talk once in a while.”

For good measure, she followed it up with another post to clarify that the split was amicable and there were no hard feelings between them: “It did not last, and everyone went their own way, we still talk once in a while, briefly, ‘How are you? How are the kids?’ because he was still attached to our lives.”

Cedric Fourie May Not Be Married But He Has a Son

In a world where baby mamas have become a welcome trend, we don’t often see single men raising kids all on their own. But seeing as Fourie has not often been one to follow the trend, it is not surprising to see that the actor is raising a son who is a spitting image of himself. From calculations based on when Fourie started chronicling his time with his son on Instagram, it is estimated that the little man who he refers to as My King was born around the 20th of January 2015. This would mean that Cedric’s son is 9 years old.

The actor has not deemed it fit to reveal who the mother of his child is or even acknowledge her on his many posts where he gushes over how much he loves his son. This being the case, it is also not known just how involved the mother of the child is in his upbringing and whether the hunky star is doing all of the work himself. Speculations are rife that the child’s mother is someone he dated in the past but kept off social media.

As regards the upbringing of his son, there is no doubt that Cedric Fourie’s mother has a good handle on things. If there is anyone relationship the actor has been vocal about besides that of his son, it would be the bond he shares with his birth family, especially the admirable relationship between him and his mother.

Back in 2015 when his son was born, many assumed Cedric was still living at home with his mother because of the above post he made about leaving home. His present living conditions notwithstanding, it seems pretty obvious that the proud grandma is very much involved in her grandson’s upbringing, seeing as her son is yet to bring home a wife.

Truth About Cedric Fourie and Lasizwe

Because Cedric has always been tight-lipped about his love life and relationships in general, there has been no real data about who he has dated in the past and how many exes he possibly has. The closest he came to making any real revelation about his love life was back in 2018 when some not so straight photos of him and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza made headlines. The photos which were accompanied by suggestive Instagram posts from Lasizwe who is very much gay further left many confused as Cedric had never identified as gay or bisexual before then.

For months and well into 2019, Lasizwe kept up the narrative and mystery about his alleged love affair, always answering in the affirmative when asked if there was something between them, but never exactly stating what it was. At some point, he said “We are something,” but would say no more. Cedric on his part remained as quiet as a mouse through it all, refusing to answer questions about the true state of things between them because Lasizwe asked him not to.

Just when their fans were beginning to buy into the narrative, Cedric eventually fesses up and explains that they are just friends. He refers to theirs as the friendship that left the entire country confused and stated that they were simply sharing love while challenging societal stereotypes. This notwithstanding, many suspected he was probably bisexual but was just not ready to come out. When fans persisted, Cedric cleared the air, saying he is not gay, but he is an ally of the LGBTQ community and helps them have equal rights just like everyone else.

How Cedric’s Friendship With Lasizwe Ended

As the story goes, Cedric’s friendship with Lasizwe grew while they worked together on the latter’s reality TV show Fake It Till You Make It. Also, the images that promoted the notion that they were a couple was a huge PR stunt for the reality show and it was a massive success because the show garnered more followership, especially from eager fans who wanted to know the true situation of things between the stars.

When it came to light that Cedric was in a relationship with Zari Hassan, his fans were quick to throw shade on Lasizwe with accusations of just how invested he was in the alleged love affair. Some more fans made snide comments about how Cedrick had found himself a real woman.

In light of all this, it came as a shock to many when Lasizwe announced that he was kicking Cedric Fourie out of his reality TV show and replacing him with his sister Shantel Mchunu. He said he decided to do this because the focus of the show had changed and will now be about his place as a son and his role as a father. He would later admit that he had begun to develop real feelings for Fourie despite knowing that their friendship was not real. Overall, it was all an act, and Fourie’s sexual orientation still remains straight.


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