Thembisa Mdoda’s Remarriage and Why She Divorced Her First Husband Atandwa Kani

Thembisa Mdoda has been through a lot in the past years. The paternity drama between her and her former husband and her subsequent shocking revelation that followed suit has got many people thinking and believing that she was unfair to her ex. The couple’s marriage may have since ended, but the circumstances that led to their divorce will always be a subject of interest among the public.

Though the actress’s first husband is a successful actor, his popularity skyrocketed after the drama between him and Mdoda. How is the pair’s love life since they went their separate ways? Let’s find out.

Thembisa Mdoda And Her New Man Are Not Officially Married

When a woman is in love, she hardly hides it. Thembisa Mdoda is in love, and she doesn’t shy away from admitting that she s being treated like a queen by someone. Many months after she divorced her first husband, Thembisa found love again. According to her, they met when she was not ready to have anything to do with any man.

But after she saw that he has a genuine love and feeling for her, she had no option but to love yet another chance. Apart from confirming the existence of a new man in her life in an interview, her decision to change her name on her social media handles raised the suspicion that she might have secretly tied the knot with her new beau.

Neither the actress nor any member of her family has come forward to set the record straight on her marital status. She is also yet to fully reveal the identity of the man that has won her heart. Until she officially introduces her man as her husband, we would assume that she is in a flourishing relationship with him.

What Does Her Beau Do For A Living?

Mdoda’s new beau is a professional photographer with many years of experience in the field. According to the actress, they fell in love on Our Perfect Wedding set while shooting for the TV show. The mysterious man was working as the director of photography on the day their paths crossed. As mentioned earlier, the actress is yet to publicly disclose the name, background, and detailed information about her new boyfriend’s personal and professional life.

Something she knows how to do best is to shower praises to God for connecting her to him. Mdoda shared that he makes her feel loved, relates very well with her kids, and sometimes takes them out. He is indeed the king of her world.

Thembisa Mdoda And Her Boyfriend Have Not Started Making Babies

Thembisa Mdoda and her new man have not given birth to any children. Though they may have plans of starting their own family someday in the future, it appears making babes is not what they want to dabble into right now.

Ever since the public came to know about the OPW presenter’s new man, she has avoided speaking too much about him or giving out much information about his life. Mdoda has deliberately kept her fans in the dark about this new phase of her love life, and most of them totally understand why.

Though she has not mentioned it, her decision to keep her new relationship under wraps could have a thing or more to do with her past relationship, the public fight she had with the last man she had a relationship with, and how everything was handled. It could also be that she is just protecting her man from the public’s curious eyes and trying to ward off unnecessary attention from the media.

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Neither Atandwa Nor Her New Man Is The Father Of Her Twin Boys

Atandwa Kani had thought that his intimate moments with Thembisa Mdoda during their marriage days produced offspring until 2015 when it became clear that he was not the biological father of the actress’s twin boys through the help of a paternity test. Mdoda initially refused Kani’s requests for a paternity test when she informed him that she was pregnant.

According to the actor, Thembisa was seeing another man when they were still together. So, when she resisted his requests and threatened not to allow him to see the kids, he had to calm down and became a supportive and caring husband to then-pregnant Mdoda. The boys were born n 2012, and three years later, precisely in November 2015, the actress succumbed, and the paternity test was carried out.

Atandwa mentioned in his statement that he struggled to come to terms or accept that the kids are not his. Mdoda’s new man is not the father of her boys either. Sometime in 2016, news broke out that the boys’ father is a well-known pilot called Andile Nodada. Thembisa is yet to confirm or deny the reports, or at least, disclose his identity fully.

A Look At Thembisa Mdoda’s First Marriage With Actor Atandwa Kani

Thembisa Mdoda and Atandwa Kani first met as students at the University of Witwatersrand in 2004. They had an off-and-on relationship that period and also hooked up with other people. The pair reconnected in 2011 and became friends on a casual basis. It was shortly after they got back together that the actress told Kani that she had taken in.

The two tied the knot a year after the boys were born, precisely in 2012, while their marital relationship came to an end three years later. The actor disclosed that he was the first to leave the relationship after it emerged in 2014 that the actress was cheating on him with another man.

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The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when a rumor about her unfaithfulness with the same man persisted the following year, and it was reported that she aborted the man’s baby.

Are Kani And Mdoda Still Friends? 

Detailed information on the couple’s divorce is yet to be publicized for public consumption. Neither Atandwa nor Mdoda has commented on how their divorce went, but we do know that the two have since moved on with their lives.

Thembisa once shared that they have apologized to each other and that she doesn’t care what the world says about their failed relationship. Kani has since tied the knot for the second time (in 2015) with Lesotho-born South African actress and scriptwriter Fikile Mthwalo, while Mdoda is living the best moments of her life with her newfound boyfriend.

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