The Worst Thing Ever Written About Malema Says He’s “The Biggest Thief”


The deputy Mineral Resources Minister Godfrey Oliphant was speaking during the State of the Nation Address debate when he referred to the Economic Freedom fighters as traitors, stressing that the EFF Leader “is in fact, a Judas.” That made me wonder – “what’s the worst thing ever said about Malema?”

Malema is not the ideal politician for many, but isn’t it delusional to dismiss certain things the EFF leader is pointing at? I mean Gayton McKenzie, an ex-convict and president of the Patriotic Alliance once wrote an open letter about Julius Malema in a bid to repay the society his debt of many wrongdoings, and to warn South Africans against the EFF lord.

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McKenzie in his letter admitting that he wronged the people of South Africa two decades ago when he took part in heinous crimes, stated that he has been trying to repay his debt to society for most of the years.

In line with that and his love for South Africa, he wrote that “somebody needs to have the courage to warn (South Africans) against you (Malema). I’m not scared of you. But I am scared of what will happen to this country if our young people don’t realize what you are before it is too late.

For most of my younger years I was surrounded by conmen and thieves. But you are the biggest thief I ever met. You, truly, are the Con-mander in Thief,” McKenzie professed.

Adding that Malema is a thief who must be jailed, the Patriotic Alliance president pointed out that there are two kinds of politicians in the country; “the ones who come from prison and those who must still go to prison.

You belong to the latter…you are a present-day thief. You, particularly you, cannot be calling all white people in this country thieves. I have a serious problem with you telling our young people that they must take the mines and take the land.

All you can think of in your choice of language is “Take, take and destroy.” You are inculcating an attitude of taking instead of contributing and working. Our youth do not need that. No one needs that. Our youth need to be empowered educationally and financially to grow this country.”

Don’t ask me if Malema is a thief, I don’t know about that. Albeit I know that some of the solutions the EFF leader is championing for the economic freedom of South Africans are not workable. But then, I also know that I’ve to pay attention to the issue he’s raising.”

Like McKenzie, I’m scared of what will happen to the country if everyone continues to ignore and dismiss the issues Malema and his guys are raising. For certainly, those affected will verily see the EFF as the Messiah.

And if he’s for real “the biggest thief”, a Judas and all the negative things that are being said about him and his party, it is unwise and disastrous to ignore disgruntled South Africans teaming up with him.

We must start listening to Malema if he’s speaking the mind of South Africans. We can’t afford to have him lead a literal fight for economic freedom.

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