The Truth About Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya

South African veteran sports broadcaster Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Siyaba are rumored to be in a romantic relationship. However, so many questions bordering on the actress and sports icon’s rumored affair are yet to be made clear to the public. 

Being a notoriously private person, Robert is yet to personally confirm or deny the rumor, regardless of the tons of unverified assumptions it has generated. Both the sports presenter and Sibiya have been in high-profile relationships in the past, which didn’t lead to any of them walking down to the altar.

Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya are Rumoured to be Dating on the Sly

After Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya’s dating rumor broke, it became clear to some folks that one of the reasons the two kept a low profile on their romance was because of their age differences. The former is way older than the latter, and the age gap between them was the first thing that led to public outcry after the revelation.

Rumors of the two TV stars being more than friends first broke out on the 25th of May 2022 through South African controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula. Although he didn’t bother to back up his claim with substantial evidence, a lot of folks believed him outright since most of his celebrity gossip blogs are always accurate or, at least, close to accuracy.

Sibiya initially ignored the rumor, while Marawa has never bothered himself about it. An opportunity to set the records straight on the rumor eventually presented itself months later at Lungelo FM during Sibiya’s interview.

The Durban Gen actress, while answering questions on her relationship with the iconic sports anchor, stated that nothing serious was going on between her and Marawa. However, she admitted that they are best friends.

Sibiya’s statement was taken with a pinch of salt by several people who still felt she was economical with the truth. Prior to Musa’s revelation and since the rumor went viral, the actress and the sports broadcaster have been seen together in pictures or at public events or gatherings.

What is the Age Difference Between Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya? 

South African sports broadcaster Robert Marawa is 19 years older than Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe. He was born on the 1st of March 1973 in Kroonstad, Free State province, while the actress was born on the 13th day of September 1992 in Eshowe Johannesburg.

Nelisiwe was barely four years old when her alleged beau earned his big career break as a continuity presenter on SABC 1 in the year 1996.

One thing that stands out between Robert and Sibiya is the age gap between the two celebrities. When their alleged affair broke out, a lot of people felt concerned about the differences in their ages, although some people felt both were adults and absolutely free ( even under the law) to be with each other.

The duo’s alleged relationship was heavily criticized by most people who believed that the TV stars were in a romantic affair. They slammed the sports presenter for settling for a way younger lady and even likened him to South African rapper Busta 929, who was recently in the news for allegedly impregnating a 17-year-old high school girl and having a soft spot for girls in their teens.

The Bottom Line is That There’s no Official Word on Whether This Dating Rumour is True

Things between Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya could be ticking along nicely and secretly, but there is no official statement or social media post yet confirming the duo’s relationship status.

While a lot of people believe they are misleading the public by keeping a low profile on their relationship, it could be that the duo has since moved on with their lives despite what people think about them.

Robert Marawa Has a Penchant for Desirable Women 

Marawa is one of the highest-paid sports broadcasters in South Africa and arguably deserves to be in befitting relationships. But then, he has a reputation for dating notable women in the entertainment industry.

Before he got linked to Nelisiwe, the sports personality dated South African actress and presenter Pearl Thusi between 2016 and 2017. The duo were a perfect match and also served couple goals.

At the height of their romance, Pearl and Marawa got engaged, and while everyone was looking forward to the two of them getting hitched, the worst happened – their relationship crashed, and the engagement was called off.

Though the two are still on good terms, Robert admitted that he’s been more committed to his job than all the relationships he has been in.

Pearl Thusi came into Marawa’s life after his separation from the mother of his only child, singer cum model Zoey Mthiyane. The two broke up in the year 2011 after dating for some time. Their intimate moments produced a son named Awande Marawa. The couple went their separate ways the same year they had their son.

The two were friends before they took their friendship to another level. In a 2020 interview, Mthiyane disclosed that she parted ways with the father of her child because of personal differences and that she was the one who ended the relationship.

Robert has also been linked to actress Zola Nombona who is best known for the TV projects Ingoma (2015), Lockdown (2018), and Ehostela (2019). Nombona vehemently denied dating the sports host, putting the growing rumor to rest.

The Ehostela screen star is currently married to the love of her life Thomas Gumede. The two have since welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family.

Who Has Nelisiwe Sibiya Dated?

Actress Sibiya and her Durban Gen lover Mike Ndlangamandla sparked relationship rumors in January 2011 after they were seen having fun during a holiday getaway in the city of Cape Town.

Neith Sibiya nor Mike confirmed nor denied the rumor. In the long run, it emerged that the pictures of the two making the rounds were taken during Durban Gen shooting at that time.

The Durban Gen actress is known to have also dated KwaZulu, Natal-born gospel singer Ayanda Ntanzi who is best known for his songs Udumo. The two started dating as undergraduates and subsequently got engaged.

Nelisiwe Sibiya called off their engagement in 2019 due to religious differences. She practices African spirituality, while Ayanda is a Christian.

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