The ‘Snake Pastor’ Is Wanted, Who Knows Where He’s Hiding?


Prophet Penuel Muguni also detestably famed as the “Snake Pastor” is at large and is wanted. The Religious and Linguistic Rights Commission have been searching the nooks, and are calling on South Africans to search out the crannies of the country and help fish out the leader of the End Times Disciplines Ministries, and have him justify why he shouldn’t be punished for feeding his disciples snakes and rodents.

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Perhaps you don’t know, but pastors, prophet and their likes are answerable to the Religious and Linguistic Rights Commission when they are involved with unusual worship practices that impends on human dignity. Yes, you have your right to worship but you don’t have the right to eat rats. Anybody compelling you to do as such, must therefore answer certain questions.

As gathered, the Religious and Linguistic Rights Commission summoned the “Snake Pastor” since last year. According to Professor David Mosoma – deputy head of the commission;

The sheriff was unable to deliver them (summons) as Mnguni no longer resides at his address since the burning of his church. The sheriff has gone back numerous times to try to have the summons issued to him, with no luck. We are appealing to the public to help us find him. He must come and tell us why he is making people eat snakes and rats.

Mosoma explained that the intent of the commission is to grasp how the many denominations in the country conduct their affairs. According to him, religious bodies must register with the Department of Social Delopment, authenticate the qualification of their leaders and disclose their financial operations so as to ascertain the religious organization are not commercialized outlets.

“We have pastors out there advertising that they can heal the body or sell water that will do so and so. They must show us how that works,” Mosoma said and added; “We are serious about wanting to facilitate an information sharing platform so that people are not taken advantage of.”

The “Snake pastor” disappeared after angry community members and the EFF stormed his church service to feed the prophet the things he’s been feeding his congregation. They didn’t get hold of the pastor, so they roasted his tent. Since the incident, the End Times Disciplines Ministries’ pastor has been at large and has effectively avoided accounting for the way he conduct his worships.

Let’s bust him. I mean, if you can proudly feed people rodents, snakes and all manner of inedible things, you shouldn’t shy away from explaining why you have to offer the shocking meals.

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