The Queen Teasers September 2021: What’s Happening In the Month

After a busy day, you could read a book, listen to good music, hire a pretty good masseuse and get the kinks out of your neck with a good rub down or a full hands-on body massage. However, if you are a true South African and also a lover of awesome and amazing Mzansi telenovelas, then you can open a bottle of wine or get yourself a bowl of popcorn and catch up with the latest episodes of one of the most amazing TV shows currently being televised on Mzansi Magic – The Queen.

Highlights From The August 2021 Installment of The Queen

August 2021 saw the return of Vuyiswa, and she really does make an entrance. Like that’s not enough for an opener, while Harriet and Hector are being troubled by their secret, Vuyiswa wastes no time in launching a full-scale investigation which could ultimately bring about the downfall of Hector.

Goodness also shockingly realizes that there is no length too far for Harriet, neither are there any boundaries she respects when it comes to ensuring that she is out of Mvelo’s life for good. Harriet on the other hand is faced with the battle to extinguish the feelings of love which has blindsided her and are still growing rapidly.

The August edition of the drama series also shows Schumacher enjoying the best of life on the hard-earned sweat of other persons while Brutus feels the green pangs of jealousy when Noma entertains a man. Schumacher’s sleight of hand doesn’t last long as he is exposed in the worst possible way, while Brutus sought to modify the terms and conditions of his initial arrangement, although he encountered some snags.

It concludes with Brutus realizing that no matter how hard he tries his best to pull away from the love of his life, he always finds his way back to her. The August installment of the TV show was nothing short of breathtaking. Little wonder why avid followers of the TV series can’t wait for the show to return with the September installment on Mzansi Magic.

What hope is there for Brutus and Noma’s relationship? What is the Queen’s next power move gonna be? If you’re impatient and hungry for more, then you’re a true fan of The Queen. Here is a sneak peek into the September installment of the show.

A Glance At The Queen Teasers For September 2021

Episode 28 | Wednesday 1, September 2021

In September, we see Dorothy’s journey to healing begin, as well as a supposed end to Noma and Brutus.

Episode 29 | Thursday 2, September 2021

Dorothy and Johnny set a scam in motion, while Brutus decides to reinvent himself to keep Noma.

Episode 30 | Friday 3, September 2021

Dorothy and Johnny’s scam is successful, Johnny’s true color is revealed and Brutus remains committed to winning back Noma.

Episode 31 | Monday 6, September 2021

Dorothy notices Johnny’s absence and begins to wonder if he’s keeping her in the dark. Brutus’ heart is broken by Noma again.

Episode 32 | Tuesday 7, September 2021

Brutus and Noma get back together.

Episode 33 | Wednesday 8, September 2021

Brutus’ proposal is interrupted as Johnny’s scheme goes up in smoke.

Episode 34 | Thursday 9, September 2021

Johnny’s greed threatens to unravel the well-planned scam between himself and Dorothy as Brutus can’t shake the feeling that his relationship with Noma is cursed.

Episode 35 | Friday 10, September 2021

Johnny is on cloud nine when he gets a mind-boggling surprise, while Brutus’ impending wedding hits a snag.

Episode 36 | Monday 13 September 2021

A huge revelation places Johnny on Vuyiswa’s radar.

Episode 37 | Tuesday 14, September 2021

Brutus’ love life has begun kicking up a storm while Vuyiswa is close to exposing Johnny and his fraudulent truth.

Episode 38 | Wednesday 15, September 2021

Olerato attempts to fix Noma and Brutus some alone time but it doesn’t work out. However, Johnny has to carefully cover his tracks as Vuyisiwa’s suspicions become stronger.

Episode 39 | Thursday 16, September 2021

Lungile finds a way to antagonize Noma even though Brutus firmly refuses as Johnny turns the family against Vuyisiwa.

Episode 40 | Friday 17, September 2021

Noma makes a life-altering choice as regards her relationship with Brutus, while Vuyiswa apologizes to the family for suspecting Johnny.

Episode 41 | Monday 20, September 2021

Vuyisiwa begins investigating Johnny to get to the bottom of things as Hector makes payment to the international facility.

Episode 42 | Tuesday 21, September 2021

Brutus decides to handle things as he deems fit as Vuyisiwa reveals all.

Episode 43 | Wednesday 22, September 2021

Hector destabilizes Johnny and Dorothy’s plans by revealing he is traveling to the overseas rehab facility. The Khozas’ find out the mastermind behind the hijack

Episode 44 | Thursday 23, September 2021

Shaka promises to decisively deal with the Sitholessoon enough, as Dorothy’s schemes, lies, and deception begin to gnaw at her.

Episode 45 | Friday 24, September 2021

Dorothy plans to come clean to the Sebatas, as Shaka uncovers a jaw-dropping secret about Olerato.

Episode 46 | Monday 27, September 2021

Dorothy realizes that she had been taken for a ride and outsmarted, her secret is finally exposed. The Khozas become united again as they prepare to square up against a common enemy.

Episode 47 | Tuesday 28, September 2021

At the point when Shaka thinks he’s done for, Olerato rides in and saves the day. Dorothy eventually opens up, but it might be too little, too late for forgiveness.

A Brief Background Check On The Popular TV Series The Queen

The Queen premiered on the 1st of August 2016 on Mzansi Magic. It received a massive following and consequently reached a wider viewership when the South African telenovela was launched on Canal Plus TV at the start of the second quarter of 2020.

The production of the drama series is overseen by Ferguson Films, which is owned by the dynamic veteran acting pair of Connie Ferguson and her late husband, Shona Ferguson. The Queen airs an amazing 260 episodes every season from Monday to Friday every week, on Mzansi Magic by 9 pm.

The South African telenovela rounded off its fourth season on Friday, July 24, 2020, with an edge gripping finale which ran for an hour. On Monday, the 27th of July 2020, the fifth season of the series premiered. A year later, the drama series had a crossover episode with another South African telenovela, The River, which featured notable characters such as Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana (played by Sindi Dlathu) who was a friend of Harriet in The Queen.

MacDonald Loyiso, one of the longest-serving stars since the beginning of the drama series, took a bow from the popular telenovela about a month before the latest season of the show premiered in July 2021. Zandile Msutwana, who plays Vuyiswa Maake, was injured on set and as a result, she was replaced by Mdoda-Nxumalo Tembisa, but on a temporary basis as she makes her come back on the fifth episode of the sixth season of the drama series.

The Plot

Written by Phatu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon, this original South African drama series produced by Ferguson Films is centered on the Khoza family. The Khoza family in the drama series The Queen is depicted as a structured and organized crime syndicate effectively running an illegal drug empire amongst other illegal activities. They utilize their legal logistics company as an enterprising cover to keep the illegal side of their business properly veiled and well-hidden from the public eye, and from government scrutiny.

The series also highlights their reoccurring conflicts with other crime syndicates, seeking to overthrow the Khoza family and monopolize the illegal drug business. The Khoza family’s many troubles with the Tembisa Police Service also adds more spice to the drama series and makes for awesome viewing.

The main character in the drama series, Harriet Khoza, is played by veteran South African actor and producer, Connie Ferguson. Harriet Khoza is the widow of a drug lord who takes over from her late husband and becomes the head of the crime family and consequently became addressed as ‘The Queen’. Connie Ferguson’s husband, Shona played the role of a Tembisa Police Service officer known in the series as Jerry Maake before his death.

Season 5 of the drama series however introduces a plot twist as we see the arrival of a new player on the scene. Thando Sebata played by star actress, Jessica Nkosi is an ambitious and seriously lethal enemy and heiress of a powerful drug kingpin. Thando is a well-trained assassin, as well as an exceptional and deadly sniper. With her deadly skills, she turns the Khoza family inside out, replacing Harriet as the drug Queen, annexing the cocaine territory controlled by the Khozas.

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