The Queen Teasers June 2022: What Will Happen in the Next Episodes

The South African TV series, The Queen, details the effect and the desire to obtain power at all costs in urban South African Society. The series focuses on Harriet Khoza and the various antics she employs to protect the lifestyle she has always enjoyed. The matriarch of the Khozas embodies the true nature and characteristics of the South African elite behind all the fancy clothes and sugary smiles.

A Recap of What Happened on The Queen in May 2022

The Queen remains one of the top TV soapies in South Africa. However, despite its illustrious screen history, it is still not an unheard-of phenomenon for fans and new viewers alike to miss some episodes of the series. There’s a way to catch up through recaps such as this one.

In May 2022, viewers get to see Hector making decisive plans to eliminate an enemy once and for all. If you missed May episodes, you also missed the episode where Patronella rains fire and brimstone on Schumacher. Viewers also witness the chaos at the Khoza mansion while Brutus and his sons prepare to get revenge. As May ends, the Sebatas and the Khozas finally allow peace to reign between them.

The Queen Teasers for June 2022

The Queen is notable for its intriguing storylines and captivating performances from the very talented group of actors and actresses on the cast. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans and viewers are in for a treat in the coming episodes of The Queen. Before you are treated to the on-screen performances, here are the Teasers for the June 2022 episodes.

Episode 223: Wednesday 1, June 2022 – Family Matters

A revelation of a private occurrence in Dorcas’ life leaves Antoinette distressed.

Episode 224: Thursday 2, June 2022 – Making Amends

Dorcas and Antoinette are at odds with each other, invariably leading to some head-butting between them. Hector attempts to mend fences with Vuyiswa.

Episode 225: Friday 3, June 2022 – Beat Downs and Baby Troubles

Brutus is at loggerheads with his sons over his decision to give Nkosiyabo preferential treatment. Vuyiswa’s visitor is considered a threat.

Episode 226: Monday 6, June 2022 – Domestic Disputes

Harriet’s actions heighten the tension between Hector and Vuyiswa. Nkosiyabo lands into trouble with the authorities.

Episode 227: Tuesday 7, June 2022 – Brewing Storm

Nkosiyabo devises a means to make some cash. Harriet and Hector’s marriage becomes more unstable.

Episode 228: Wednesday 8, June 2022 – Betrayal in the Family

Brutus faces cocaine theft accusations with regards to the cocaine he delivered.

Episode 229: Thursday 9, June 2022 – Torn Apart

Hector and Harriet’s relationship becomes more strained as they emotionally distance themselves. Georgina comes up with a plot that will enable Vuyiswa to get rid of Hector once and for all.

Episode 230: Friday 10, June 2022 – A Child is Born, Will it Live?

There are question marks over the survival of Hector and Vuyiswa’s newborn baby. Nkosiyabo faces the consequences of his past bad actions.

Episode 231: Monday 13, June 2022 – Old Wounds

Vuyiswa and her baby contend for their survival. Nkosiyabo tries to hide the fact that he shot Siyabonga.

Episode 232: Tuesday 14, June 2022 – Flatline

There’s a possibility that Goodness’ recent elation could be premature. Hector and Vuyiswa bear witness to the dire health condition of their baby and are helpless in the situation.

Episode 233: Wednesday 15, June 2022 – Consequences

Nkosiyabo is faced with the possibility of a jail term. Vuyiswa makes up her mind about Hector.

Episode 234: Thursday 16, June 2022 – Get Me Out

Brutus and MaJali are stunned into silence at Nkosiyabo’s bail hearing. Vuyiswa steels herself against the upcoming and unavoidable sequence of events.

Episode 235: Friday 17, June 2022 – A Shared Grief

The war between Hector and Vuyiswa approaches its climax. How will they sort out their differences?

Episode 236: Monday 20, June 2022 – Lifeline

Vuyiswa gets help from an unexpected source just as she is on the edge of giving up.

Episode 237: Tuesday 21, June 2022 – What’s in a Name?

Hector and Vuyiswa arrive home with their baby. Goodness and Cebo’elile are having second thoughts about their future together.

Episode 238: Wednesday 22, June 2022 – Old Flame

Cebo’elile fails in the attempt to establish a significant distance between him and his new beau. Brutus gets set to make a sacrifice that will rescue his family.

Episode 239: Thursday 23, June 2022 – A Father’s Love

Hector’s mind can’t stray from the kiss. Nkosiyabo has thrown in the towel.

Episode 240: Friday 24, June 2022 – Free At Last

Goodness is torn between the choice of her baby or her man. There is a homecoming for a Khoza family member.

Episode 241: Monday 27, June 2022 – New Beginnings

Hector and Vuyiswa experience a moment that bonds them closer to each other. Goodness makes alterations to her lifestyle.

Episode 242: Tuesday 28, June 2022 – Pride Before A Fall

Mlungisi and Brutus go for each other’s throats until they are both exhausted. Harriet worries about losing the love she has only known for a short while.

Episode 243: Tuesday 29, June 2022 – Present Father

Brutus brings Mlungisi to his knees in a rather very shameful manner. Hector is between the devil and a hard place as his relationship with Hector grows while he hasn’t quite figured out what to do about Harriet.

Episode 244: Wednesday 30, June 2022 – A Meal To Die For

Harriet’s jealousy reaches its zenith. How will she handle it? A family dinner ends badly.

List of The Queen Actors And The Characters They Play

  • Connie Ferguson as Harriet Mathapelo Khoza
  • Themba Ndaba as Brutus Khoza
  • Lorraine Moropa as Olerato Mathapelo
  • Zandile Msutwana as Vuyiswa ‘Sis Vee’ Maake-Sebata
  • Zenande Mfenyana as Goodness Mabuza-Khoza
  • Brenda Ngxoli as NomaPrincess ‘Noma’ Matshikiza
  • Thembsie Matu as Patronella ‘Sis Pat’ Zulu
  • Vulyowethu Ngcukana as Lumco ‘Schumacher’ Toto
  • Sipho Manzini as Jabulani ‘Mjekejeke’ Zulu
  • Sibusisiwe Jili as Detective Georgina ‘Gigi’ Zulu
  • Rapulana Seiphemo as Colonel Hector Sebata
  • Jessica Nkosi as Thando Sebata
  • Tsholofelo Dithejane as Antoinette
  • Paballo Khoza as Khaya Khoza

The Queen Has Remained Stable Cast-Wise

One of the high points of this amazing and intriguing South African soapie is its cast members. Star performers like Connie Ferguson, Themba Ndaba, and Thembsie Matu have, with their masterful performances, kept the show vital and in the scheme of things when it comes to soap operas in South Africa. To this end, the show’s runners have been quite reluctant to effect any wholesale changes when it comes to casting selection.

The Queen Has Been A Mainstay Since 2016

Produced by Ferguson Film Productions, viewers and fans got a first taste of the Queen when it premiered in August 2016. The show still hasn’t lost its appeal since its premiere nearly 6 years ago, and fans can still follow their favorite TV series on Mzansi Magic and Canal Plus every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

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