The Queen Teasers August 2022: A Look At the Latest Episodes

In most 21st-century urban societies, there is a prevailing desire for the rich to find a way to maintain their wealth and get even richer at the expense of the poor, who are usually deemed expendable. The Queen accurately mirrors this perception, and through one of the show’s primary protagonists, Harriet Khoza, we see how far the rich are willing to go to protect their interests no matter whose ox is gored.

Recap of What Happened on The Queen in July 2022

July begins with the situation between Brutus and Mlungisi taking a turn for the worse and Hector deciding on his future with Harriet. Viewers and fans of the show also got to witness the revelation of Noma’s robbers. Vuyiswa discards anything that has to do with her past, leaving Hector deeply affected by her decision.

Harriet gets a front-row seat to the destruction of everything she fought so hard to protect, and she resorts to using whatever means necessary to stop the freefall. The show’s season six finale ends with a bang as viewers are treated to Thando and Bhambatha’s engagement which becomes overshadowed by blood spillage.

The season seven premiere reveals that Harriet was the target of the attacks as the Khozas are still trying to recover from the shock of all that happened. Harriet then embarks on a mission with the help of Skhumbuzo to find out who was behind the attack on her life. July ends with Harriet having no remorse for her most recent actions.

The Queen Teasers For August 2022

With the final season premiering in July, fans and lovers of the show are now on a countdown to the end of the show. The Queen has entertained the South African public for years now while we wait for fresh episodes to air on television. Here’s a little bit of what to expect in the coming episodes.

Episode 6: Monday 1, August 2022 – Reconciliation

Harriet attempts to mend fences with Brutus and his sons, but not everyone is open to the idea. Londiwe tries to hide Douglas’ cause of death.

Episode 7: Tuesday 2, August 2022 – Stehmbile Mnisi

Brutus will make peace with Harriet on the condition that she grants one request. Ayihlome does everything to remove Londiwe from their lives.

Episode 8: Wednesday 3, August 2022 – Family Matters

Can Londiwe depend on Duma to protect her from the threat to her life? Schumacher gets more than he bargained for after setting up Teekay to get arrested.

Episode 9: Thursday 4, August 2022 – Chickens Come Home to Roost

Schumacher comes face to face with danger as he faces the consequences of his actions. Olerato believes her aunt is losing her mind. Ayihlome gives Londiwe the option of leaving or staying at the risk of her life.

Episode 10: Friday 5, August 2022 – Secrets Revealed

Goodness offers some information to Olerato, which could illuminate why Harriet is not as upset as she should be over Hector’s demise. Basil finds a way to get back into Schumacher’s life. What havoc will he wreck this time?

Episode 11: Monday 8, August 2022 – My Aunt, the Murderer

Olerato believes that Goodness is only a mischief-maker who is targeting her aunt. Mjekejeke thinks he has made a friend of Basil.

Episode 12: Tuesday 9, August 2022 – Revelations

Olerato goes on a quest to uncover more details about Harriet. Ayihlome initiates a takeover attempt of the Jama Empire. Basil exerts additional pressure on Schumacher.

Episode 13: Wednesday 10, August 2022 – Blurred Lines

Schumacher can’t catch a break from Basil. Olerato and Goodness come across surprising CCTV footage.

Episode 14: Thursday 11, August 2022 – No Turning Back

Olerato threatens Cebo’elihle to force her to produce sufficient proof to bring down Harriet. Schumacher resorts to crime to escape Basil.

Episode 15: Friday 12, August 2022 – Black Widow

Londiwe sets a trap for Dima and reels him in. Olerato faces off with Harriet while accusing her of being responsible for her husband’s death.

Episode 16: Monday 15, August 2022 – I Can See Clearly

Londiwe’s plots get lift-off. Olerato realizes something new. The lives of the Zulus are upended in a split second.

Episode 17: Tuesday 16, August 2022 – The Valley of Death

Londiwe enlists the help of her brother Litha to execute her plan. Mjekejeke, Patronella, and Schumacher don’t know how to get rid of Basil’s body. The Khozas are rounded up and questioned by the authorities.

Episode 18: Wednesday 17, August 2022 – Keep it in the Family

Patronella, Schumacher, and Mjekejeke find it difficult to keep Basil’s body out of sight. Harriet is questioned by Officer Mbele. Ayihlome leaves a wrong impression on Skhumbuzo.

Episode 19: Thursday 18, August 2022 – Too Many Bodies to Bury

Mjekejeke and Schumacher think seriously about solving their immediate crises without Patronella’s knowledge. Londiwe has high hopes that her plans are moving without a hitch.

Episode 20: Friday 19, August 2022 – Blood Willout

Duma and Ayihlome come to loggerheads over his relationship with Londiwe. Harriet attempts to smoke out the rat in her organization. Schumacher and Mjekejeke attempt to hide the body from Patronella.

Episode 21: Monday 22, August 2022 – Buried Secrets

Patronella lets out her anger at Schumacher and Mjekejeke. Can they eventually dispose of the dead body?

Episode 22: Tuesday 23, August 2022 – Point of No Return

Olerato crosses over to the dark side and commits a shocking act. Schumacher and Mjekejeke’s friendship is tested by pressure from Londiwe’s nicely moving plans.

Episode 23: Wednesday 24, August 2022 – Plans Best Laid

Brutus jams the barrel of his gun in Cebo’elihle’s face. Londiwe’s plans stop abruptly. Mjekejeke cries out desperately for assistance.

Episode 24: Thursday 25, August 2022 – The Throne

Olerato faces the full weight of the consequences of her actions. The Zulus and Schumacher ultimately take responsibility for their disastrous actions. Londiwe emphatically disposes of a potential threat on her way to claiming the throne.

Episode 25: Friday 26, August 2022 – Call Me By My Name

Londiwe discloses her ambitions, and no one seems able to stop her. Harriet and Olerato commit to leaving the past behind them. The Zulu household is rocked by a new arrival.

Episode 26: Monday 29, August 2022 – To New Beginnings

Londiwe packs into her new mansion without letting Duma know. Nkosiyabo becomes a source of worry for Mlungisi, Bhambatha, and Cebo’elihle.

Episode 27: Tuesday 30, August 2022 – It Always Starts With Just One Line

Nkosiyabo dances with danger. Harriet and Londiwe come to some sort of agreement.

Episode 28: Wednesday 31, August 2022 – The Claws Are Out

A love-intoxicated Nkosiyabo paves the way for another addiction. Two queens weigh and measure each other’s abilities and set out to destroy each other.

List of The Queen Actors And The Characters They Play

  • Connie Ferguson as Harriet Mathapelo Khoza
  • Themba Ndaba as Brutus Khoza
  • Lorraine Moropa as Olerato Mathapelo
  • Zandile Msutwana as Vuyiswa ‘Sis Vee’ Maake-Sebata
  • Zenande Mfenyana as Goodness Mabuza-Khoza
  • Brenda Ngxoli as NomaPrincess ‘Noma’ Matshikiza
  • Thembsie Matu as Patronella ‘Sis Pat’ Zulu
  • Vulyowethu Ngcukana as Lumco ‘Schumacher’ Toto
  • Sipho Manzini as Jabulani ‘Mjekejeke’ Zulu
  • Sibusisiwe Jili as Detective Georgina ‘Gigi’ Zulu
  • Rapulana Seiphemo as Colonel Hector Sebata
  • Jessica Nkosi as Thando Sebata
  • Tsholofelo Dithejane as Antoinette
  • Paballo Khoza as Khaya Khoza

The Queen Began Airing In 2016

Ferguson Film Productions is credited for producing one of the most educating and entertaining South African TV series in the last seven years. Since it premiered in August 2016, the show’s ability to adapt its storylines to keep viewers entertained has been remarkable.

As the series draws to a close in the series finale, viewers and fans will continue to have the opportunity to follow their favorite TV series on Mzansi Magic and Canal Plus every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

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