For Transformation Agenda, The Pretoria Name Must Change – Ramokgopa


The administrative capital of South Africa, Jacaranda City will no longer be known as Pretoria, the Pretoria name will have to change to fulfill transformation agenda says Kgosientso Ramokgopa, the city’s mayor.

Despite the agitation for Jacaranda city to retain the Pretoria name, the city’s mayor insisted the name change will go ahead so as to build social cohesion. He argued that those opposing the name change are retrogressive agents battling the transformation agenda of the city.

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While Ramokgopa was delivering his state of the city address at Freedom Park, he disclosed with regards to the Pretoria name change that his government have done a comprehensive public consultations and reviews in council. And that “a resolution was taken that Tshwane should be the municipal name.”

“The person who has the last say is the national minister of arts and culture and we are still waiting for that. We are confident that it will favor the people because we are able to show everyone that it has gone through required procedures.

I don’t know of anyone who would want to repudiate this transformation agenda. I think it’s a route that all of us have to embrace and in that way learn to build a better future. What must preoccupy us is whether our spaces are safe and whether government is responsive,” Ramokgopa stated.

The mayor likened the recent outcry over the construction of a mosque in Valhalla to the agitation over Pretoria name change. With that, he condemned the protest against the mosque construction as a protest against fostering social cohesion.

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“The recent noises with regards to the building of the mosque are a case in point,” he said. “There is a demographic change where there are over 200 Muslim families who simply requested council for a place of worship.

We subjected that to public consultation and the verdict came back and majority said they were happy as long as we addressed the issue of noise pollution. We presented that as a condition and the Muslim community agreed and said there would not be a public call for prayer.

The people who worship there will have transmitters in their houses and it will only be them who will get notifications. We have eliminated what appeared to be a major objection but then there is still a splinter group that says they must go.

Where must they go? This is where they stay and work. Everyone must be accommodated and we will create those spaces,” the mayor related.