“The Nelson We Celebrate Now Is a Stage-Managed Mandela” – Julius Malema


Julius Malema said many things when he recently addressed students at the Oxford union in the United Kingdom. The EFF leader said Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa, the only two black South Africans that made the 2015 rich-list of the country “sold their black skin” to become rich, he said he’ll never accept to be in a coalition government with the ANC, that South Africa would never follow Zimbabwe’s bloody land redistribution method, and “blasphemously” as many have insisted, remarked that “the Nelson we celebrate now is a stage-managed Mandela (SIC)”.

The former ANC Youth League leader who stormed South Africa recently, parading with his EFF party demanding for black economic freedom, stated that the Freedom Charter is the bible of South Africa revolution. “Any deviation from that is a sellout position. We normally don’t use phrases like Mandela sold out, he was too old, he was tired, he left it to us. We have to pick it up from where he left it. That’s why he said the struggle is not over, political freedom is incomplete without economic freedom. I will say Nelson took us to a point and left it to us to take it further.”

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But then added that “the Nelson we celebrate now is a stage-managed Mandela who compromised the principles of the revolution, which are captured in the Freedom Charter.”

Malema hinted that Mandela betrayed black South Africans in their struggle for freedom as he recounted that “the deviation from the freedom charter was the beginning of selling out of the revolution.” According to him, “when Mandela returned from prison he got separated from Winnie Mandela and went to stay in the house of a rich white man, he was looked after by the Oppenheimers, Mandela used to attend those club meetings of those white men who owned the SA economy. He stayed in one of their houses, they had access to him 24hours. They told him what he represented would not be achieved, that’s when he turned against himself.”

While re-pledging the allegiance of his party to carry on the fight for the return of land to black South Africans and the equitable redistribution of the nation’s mineral wealth, the EFF leader related that his party’s approach is not similar to what Zimbabwe did. “We are not going to do what the Zimbabweans have done,” he said. “Drawing the blood of innocent people…We cannot have people killed, injured because you want your land back.”

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He however condemn the old president of Zimbabwe as an opportunist. Mugabe he said, “had more than 25 years to pass legislation through democratic means that would systematically take the land back, he did not do anything about it. He only introduced that policy at a time when he was losing power, it was opportunistic.”

Malema equally made fun of Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa, saying the two had to sell their “black skin” to become billionaire and millionaire. They had “not invented anything, unlike that young man who invented Facebook,” he said.

Emphasizing that the EFF will not compromise like Mandela did, he revealed that the recent march of his party in South Africa was taken serious. As he stated, “the CEO of the JSE has been calling me asking for a meeting. All 400 companies registered on the JSE have received the memorandum of the EFF and are beginning to call individually to explain how they have structured their companies and how people are going to benefit.”

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