The Latest on Minnie Dlamini’s Baby

Netha Makhosini Jones is the son of Minnie Dlamini, the famous media personality, and her estranged husband, Quinton Jones. He was born on November 16th, 2020, and is currently 3 years old. The arrival of Netha gave his parents a renewed sense of purpose.

When was Minnie Dlamini’s Baby Shower?

After years of waiting, Minnie Dlamini showed off her pregnancy on social media with a picture of herself in traditional wear, cradling her baby bump. After revealing that she’s about to start a family with Mr. Jones in September 2020, the TV personality was surprised by her family and friends with three baby showers.

In the second week of October 2020, Minnie Dlamini was surprised by her mother, who organized a blue-themed baby shower for her and baby jones. Minnie’s mum invited all her friends, including baby Jones’ purported godmother, Shauwn Mkhize. The mom-to-be wore a white body con gown that showed off her growing bump and a white rose’s head.

After the baby shower, Minnie, who was happy that her mother went all out to surprise her, took to Instagram to let her followers know that she was raised by a queen.

Minnie Dlamini’s Second and Third Baby Shower

Just a week after her first surprise baby shower, Minnie Dlamini was treated to another fabulous baby shower by her besties and friends, whom she referred to as Baby Jones’ aunties. The popular TV host looked stunning in a Gert-Johan Coetzee creation; a yellow, long, off-shoulder gown she rocked for the occasion with matching gloves and a headband of roses.

Minnie’s second baby shower was themed baby blue, with decorations made in baby blue color and white balloons, along with hundreds of roses and cuddly teddy bears. As usual, she posted an appreciation message to her besties and admitted that their show of love brought her to tears.

Then her third baby shower took place in late October 2020, a few weeks before her child’s arrival. This time, Minnie Dlamini and baby Jones were spoilt by her husband’s family. She had one of the most beautiful times of her life with all the women in her hubby’s family. They cooked, baked, and advised her, and Minnie couldn’t contain her joy.

She expressed her gratitude in an Instagram post, citing that she was blessed to be married into a God-fearing and loving family.

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Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’ Son Arrived in November 2020

In September 2020, when Minnie Dlamini announced her pregnancy, she gushed over her husband, Quinton Jones, saying that she couldn’t have chosen a better man to be the father of her child. Later on November 16th, 2020, she publicized on social media the arrival of their baby boy, whom they named Netha Makhosini Jones.

Minnie is said to have named her son after her late brother, Khosini, who passed away in 2019 after suffering a brain aneurysm. She posted a snap of her son’s tiny hands with the caption, “Our king has arrived.” Afterward, congratulatory messages flooded her timeline.

Why the TV Personality Hides the Face of Her Son

A day after welcoming her bundle of joy, Minnie Dlamini came across multiple fake Instagram accounts created in her son’s name. She slammed those who created the fake accounts, notifying her followers that the accounts weren’t created by her. Surprisingly, one of the fake accounts had already gathered 150K followers at the time.

With Minnie getting provoked by the illicit actions of the imposters, she stated that her fans wouldn’t be seeing much of her son’s pictures on social media. Even when she posts Netha’s photos occasionally, she ensures that he backs the camera, hiding his face.

During an Instagram Live Q&A, a fan asked the media figure when she would show the face of her child to the public, she replied, “when people on the internet stop being mean for no reason.”

Despite saying that, Minnie Dlamini decided to show Netha Makhosini Jones’ face for the first on her first Mother’s Day celebration in May 2021. However, she shared a photo showing her son’s face from a distance in an Instagram story that disappeared after 24 hours. Subsequently, Minnie continues to hide her child’s face.

In November 2022, when Netha celebrated his second birthday, Minnie Dlamini took to Instagram to thank her ancestors for helping her raise her son. As usual, she hid her son’s face in the picture she posted and was only seen holding Netha.

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