The Infamous Penny Sparrow Speaks Up In Her Own Defense


After all the death threats that made her go underground and into hiding, the infamous Penny Sparrow who called blacks monkeys, has finally spoken up to say why she did what she did and why she feels she is justified in her pinion of black people as no better than animals. Her initial facebook post had been in reaction to the amount of dirt that litters the the beach after black people visited it on new years day.

Her post generated a massive outcry from all parts of the world with blacks taking an exception to being called monkeys. People have taken to their social media platforms to express their disgust at her post.

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Penny has spoken to News24 to make herself clear since she feels she was misinterpreted.

Every year it is the same story; it’s their [black people] day and we don’t go in the beach, we don’t interfere, we let it be. We all know it and there is nothing wrong. We stay out of the way and stay at home.

I am sorry that it has taken such a viral turn, but it was just a statement of how it was. I made the mistake of comparing them [black people] with monkeys. Monkeys are cute and they’re naughty, but they [black people] don’t see it that way, but I do because I love animals.

I wasn’t being nasty or rude or horrible, but it’s just that they [black people] make a mess. It is just how they are,” she said

Maintaining that she is not really at fault for people taking her comments out of context, Penny has remain unapologetic even though her facebook post says otherwise.

“I put an apology up to say I didn’t mean it personally. That day on that beach it was all black people, I’m sorry to say it, but it is a fact of life. I said it as I felt it and I know it was wrong to do it on a public thing [Facebook] like that. I don’t know how it got out and we were all saying it,” Sparrow added.

She equally disputed the content of her facebook page which said that she was among the revellers who littered the beach on that particular day.

“That is not me. I know it is like that [the packed beaches], why would I say that? Any person, a white skinned person or an Indian that goes down to the beach on that day doesn’t know the country, I know it very well.

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After all of the hustle, it seemed to just dawn on Penny that she was better off accepting the mistakes she made and genuinely rendering an apology, so she recanted by saying,

“I realise now that they [blacks] obviously hate that. I don’t recall putting it like that. I just remember saying that there were so many black people like monkeys dropping things everywhere. …making love in the bushes is, you know, fine if that is what they want to do, but the dirt was just terrible,”

I work with blacks and I am kind to them and they have accepted me. I have worked with an Indian girl who kept my job open while I was in hospital. She’s a wonderful girl and she’s an Indian. Blacks can also be wonderful and I don’t hate the black people, it is just a fact that it was so filthy and dirty this year and that is my only point.”

Sparrow said that her two phones had been crippled by messages and hate mail, after it emerged that she had sought the help of the police as she feared for her life.

“I can’t use my phone because the messages stream in non-stop. I don’t know why they have involved my daughter because she has nothing to do with this and nothing to do with me,” she said.

She said that she was born in East Africa and “raised by blacks, that’s just how it was” and hence had no reason to have anything against a black person.