The Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Out Of Prison And Set To Start Modeling Career


Jeremy Meeks, the face behind the ‘hot’ mugshot that went viral has been released from federal prison.

The blue-eyed 31-year-old who was described as ‘one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area’ still had the ladies tripping all over the world in 2014 after his mugshot went viral on the internet.

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Meeks was sentenced to 27 months in prison last year for gun possession.

At the age of 30 then, Jeremy Meeks’ high cheekbones, full red lips and blue eyes had the ladies falling heads over heels in love with him not minding the fact that the guy was a convict.

Some women threw caution to the wind and made crazy comments on the ‘hot’ pictures of Jeremy Meeks.

‘What is he guilty of?! First Degree Sexiness?!’ a fan Ashley Pruitt Carden wrote.

Rhonda Cee posted: ‘He’ll probably be on next years prison calendar…Mr….EVERY MONTH!’

“Momma, I’m in love with a criminal,” another infatuated fan added.

In his response to the comments at the time, Meeks denied being involved in any crime.

“I appreciate the attention but I just want them to know that this is really not me,” he told reporters from behind glass. “I’m not some kingpin.”

However, his past records with the law include arrests for resisting arrest, faking his identity and grand theft.

Prior to his prison time, Jeremy Meeks signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management and now that he is out, he says he is ready to make a fresh start with a grateful heart to all who prayed for him.

“I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. I’m ready” he wrote on Instagram

The manager of People magazine, Jim Jordan said that his client is a potential ‘hotcake’ for endorsement deals with modeling agencies around the world, as well as reality-show interests.

For Meeks is still fresh from prison, the next few weeks will be spent in transitional housing before starting adventure into the modelling and acting world.

Meeks said he took advantage of his time in prison to prep his body for his future career.

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“I eat healthy. I do a lot of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, burpees, and I stay very active,” he said.

If you keep an open eye, you might, just catch a glimpse of handsome Meeks on billboards, on the cover of magazines and on your television screen soon.

And for the fans swooning over him, sorry to disappoint you but Jeremy Meeks is taken judging from the pictures of his wife Melissa and their two sons.