‘The Gupta Family Are Colonialists; They Want To Possess The National Treasury’


A lot has been going on in the South African government especially as it involves the relationship between President Zuma and the influential Gupta Family. With the current buzz on Gupta influence, South Africans are beginning to think that the country is now run by the family and not by their democratically elected president.

The recent alleged involvement of the Guptas in the political nomination of ministers has resurrected the question on why former finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was even fired in the first place.

A few like the deputy president of the Economic Freedom Fighters Floyd Shivambu who dished out their perceived reasons say Nene was removed without reasons so as to pave way for looters and the Gupta led criminal syndicate, to loot State resources for  their personal enrichment.

According to Businesstech, the Gupta family still decide to stay put in SA because of its aim to establish a de facto colonized South Africa with Zuma being the Chief Colonial Administrator.

The Guptas have established a solid network inside the ruling party ANC and have inappropriately, influenced the decisions and operations of the party.

They also have premiers of the Free State and North West provinces, ministers, chairpersons and CEOs of State Owned companies, and have control over many critical decisions that will financially benefit them and the puppets they control.

It has been revealed that for sometime now, South Africa has been under the management of a criminal syndicate masquerading as genuine business people, headquartered in Saxonwold. And this criminals who happen to be greedy and ruthless in their approach is non other than the Gupta family. Though the ruling party is aware of this manipulations, little or nothing has been done to address it.

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We could recall that in their 2011 launch of the ANC Local Government elections manifesto, the then ANC Youth League President Julius Malema who is now the leader of a strong opposition party – the Economic Freedom Fighters EFF –  told Zuma that South Africa’s democracy is “not a democracy of families; this is a democracy of the people of the country.”

The alleged appointment of some party members by the influential family before President Zuma announces them to the public was forewarned by the then party Youth leader – Malema, and the squabble resulted to a breakout of what is now known as the Economic Freedom Fighters – EFF.

In the Free State Province, the Guptas introduced programmes through Mosebenzi Zwane, which amount to millions of Rands and Ace Magashule, partnered his son on a business in the same way they did with Jacob Zuma’s son.

The family is also said to have taken charge of the South African Airways, decided on basic issues such as SAA Newspaper subscription so that their Newspaper, the New Age is the most distributed and paid for newspaper on SAA platforms, including their check in counters, lounges and flights.

It’s no news that Zwane was appointed Minister of Mineral Resources to allow the Gupta empire to have control over mineral rights and policies. As a matter of fact, the presidential convoy was in Saxonwold the day before Zwane was announced as a Minister of Mineral Resources.

Today, the long hidden truth of the political appointments done by the president and of course, with the strong influence of the Guptas has revealed the strong bond between the two.

It’s indeed striking to know that President Zuma’s decision to invest R1 trillion in the nuclear power construction is headed by Atul Gupta who argued that nuclear energy is the way to go.

“Nuclear energy is the key to meeting the exponentially increasing [global] energy demand over the next 20 years with clean power,” he said.

Though the ruling ANC has announced their urgent need to address the growing influence of the Gupta Family in the party and way to restore the party’s dignity, analysts say this would be difficult especially as most of the party’s senior leaders are compromised and cannot do or say anything.

Nevertheless, South Africans have been urged to rise up in unity, not giving room for racial disparity and any other discriminatory behaviours to fight the all corrupt practices perpetrated by their leaders and to fight any atom of colonialism

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