“The Dispossession Of Land Is The Source Of The Poverty And Inequality” – Zuma


Within the 48 hours South Africa’s president – Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was asked to apologize to the nation because of the comments he made about land, which are capable of string racial hatred, he repeated the same statement.

Zuma was speaking at the National House of Traditional Leaders in Cape Town today when he stated that “the dispossession of land is the source of the poverty and inequality which have become the ugly hallmark of our nation and an impediment to the future of shared prosperity.”

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Acknowledging that the law has made it difficult to prove that the land belonged to the black ancestors, the president inquired whether the 1913 cut off-date for land claims be changed to the 1800s.

“Was the decision to make 1913 the cut-off date correct? Perhaps yes. But was the land taken in 1913?” he asked and argued that most of the land was taken in the 1800s. According to Mr president, “very little land was taken after 1913,” and that was when the colonization of South Africa was consolidated.

“The very law that we have today to claim is lopsided against the black people. It is very difficult to prove that the land belonged to the ancestors and very easy to say we can’t have the land. That’s how the law is,” he complained.

“I could forgive the period before (the 1800s). It would be reasonable…(but) I believe as a son of a black man, and a black man, that we need to shift that cut-off date,” stated the president.

“We need to find a reasonable way of addressing the issue within the Constitution…look at the facts, where do these people in informal settlements come from? Where is their land? Is it a lie that their land was taken?” He asked, daring someone to prove him wrong.

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