‘The Devil’ Himself Arrives To Testify In Court


What would be your judgement if a popular convict who was known for rolling hand grenades into Night clubs, known for his specialty in killings, even tried to kill his boss’s opponent, now plays cool tool for the big guys?

The Popularly known Mr AA (Abraham Baro Anu) has suddenly appeared in court to testify against the controversial case of Shay “Our Rabbi” Moslie, who has been alleged to be one of Israel’s top-five mobsters.

Having been a pin in the neck of both the Israeli and South African police, the forces have been scouting all round for a viable testimony at the court that would help them extradite him back to Israel. Moslie arrived in Randburg Magistrate’s court on Tuesday but not without the surprising appearance of one of Israel’s most feared mob enforcers – AA.

Moslie was alleged to have ordered the murder of three of his family’s rivals and had attempted to murder two others four years ago

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His lawyers and those of the state have had clashes over the admissibility of documents. The two have accused each other of “ambush tactics” as Moslie stood calmly in the dock.

Moslie had until yesterday been placed under strict bail conditions but magistrate Pravina Ragoonandan granted him permission to attend synagogue on Saturdays and to take a family holiday in Sun City.

However, as a way to entice Mr AA into testifying against Moslie in court, Israel was willing to let go of his crimes and even pay him R1.4 million for his testimony against Moslie and his then co-accused, Shimmy Anu.

Though he was not the only one in court to make his testimony against Moslie, it was believed that AA’s testimony is of most use to the court.

“What Anu has sworn to is corroborated by others. His immunity will see him testify against the top of this family, including Moslie,” a source said.

But having listened to his testimony, Moslie’s lawyer Ian Levitt just laughed it off saying “With him testifying, it’s clear the devil has arrived.”

Mr AA, whom court papers identify as Abraham Baro Anu, is said to be one of Israel’s most feared mob enforcers. He faces 39 charges, including murder, illegal possession of weapons and explosives, drug dealing, extortion, robbery and money-laundering.

The alleged murder of AA’s co accused Shimmy Anu was said to have triggered AA’s arrival in court to testify. Shimmy Anu, according to the extradition request document, was murdered in South Africa in 2013 after Moslie brought him to this country

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