‘The DA Is Not A White Party But For All South Africans’ – Maimane


The leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane had on Sunday said that the ANC has crippled all efforts of creating a reconciled South Africa by fabricating lies and accusing the DA of being a white party.

Speaking at the Richmond Hill voter registration station, where DA Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral candidate Athol Trollip re-registered to vote in the upcoming local government elections, Maimane said people should disregard all accusations by the ANC about the DA being a racial party.

Look around you. These are South Africans first. They are South Africans from all walks of life he said as he reiterated that the DA was a “party for all South Africans”

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Maimane further added that the DA is the only political party that has taken South African racial reconciliation a major issue and will fight for it till it was achieved. He said:

The ANC’s message that this party is white and that party is black is their effort to undermine democracy. We are not in the business of building a party for any particular race, we are in the business of building a party for all South Africans.

Every other party in this country, including the ANC, is doing nothing but racialising and in fact undermining the democratic project of the rainbow nation.

ANC fabricate lies and delegitimise… They fall in stature when they say that. They have done nothing to advance the project of reconciliation. They have spent their lives undermining the fabric of building a reconciled South Africa.

However, as political campaign ahead of the forthcoming local government election, the DA leader called South Africans especially party supporters to register in order to vote and to secure their right to shape the future of the country.

He pointed out to them that their votes has a lot to do with what they would be expecting in the coming years. He said their vote would choose for them either a regime that will come with a “new‚ fresh‚ clean and citizen-orientated government‚ or five more years of the same [referring to the led-administration]”.

“This year’s election is about what kind of future we want‚ and it is about undoing decades of neglect and inequity. South Africans‚ young and old‚ will exercise their constitutional right to choose their own future and to vote for the political party they believe is best equipped to bring about a better‚ safer and more prosperous South African for all who live in it.”

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