The Black Doll Isn’t Inferior To The White Doll – Disregard All Those Racist Bullshit On Social Media


It started on Facebook, spread to twitter, and eventually made a buzz on so many social sites. The story was that the White man will do anything, literally anything to show that he’s superior to the black man. Many recounted the past “atrocities” of the white man against the black, and as expected, the “white evil” in South Africa, and Rhodesia – the former Zimbabwe were mentioned. It was in a nutshell, another eruption of a racial storm. And justifiably, the storm went on as one cannot comfortably think of any reason a black doll would be price tagged lower than a white doll of the same design.

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It’s however a welcome relief that we can now disregard all the circulating racist blabbing(s) regarding dolls and race. For according to a statement released by shoprite in response to the racial storm, the outrage on social media is unnecessary as there is no difference in price for the black and white baby dolls.

The South African-based retail and fast food company stated that it is “regrettable that the incorrect display of the price for a toy in a Botswana store has erupted into a racial storm on social media in South Africa supposedly implying that a black doll is inferior to a white doll”. The outlet related that the “fact of the matter is that in Shoprite Maun in Botswana the price card of P99,95 for a plush bear was moved to underneath the Cutie Baby black doll displayed next to it. Its cost is P149,95, exactly the same as the white counterpart.”

Shoprite further explained that “a picture of the incorrect display was taken and posted with a racial interpretation on Shoprite SA’s Facebook wall.” They “immediately acknowledged the display error and corrected it. This was recognised by many on social media but others took the opportunity to turn it into a racial matter and spreading the sentiment of “a price tag to colour”. The official statement emphasized that “the Shoprite Group dissociates itself from any racial or political views, preferring to continue to serve the 72% of South Africans that frequent their stores daily with the lowest prices for all.”

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Correct Display 2While the first picture is the incorrect display of the dolls, the correct display is the immediate above. The event has vividly shown that some South Africans are always searching for ways to stir racial strife in the country. If you’re one of such, its ideal you’re informed that you’re one of the irritating things about South Africa.

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