The 9 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life


Growing up is an interesting process. During this time you get to meet all kinds of people some of which you’ll adopt as friends but the truth is… friends come and go. You meet some people and think “Definitely, these are friends for life” and one seemingly insignificant quarrel later, you’re no longer speaking.

Other times, you meet people who barely register as worthy companions initially but years down the line, you can’t imagine life without them. It’s funny how life works. The important thing is not to make friends purely for the sake of having friends.

No one tells you this but it is okay to outgrow some friends from your younger days, it is also okay to want more successful friends (it is quite motivating).

The fact is, you’re not going to be stuck in one place for the rest of your life so if your circumstances can change, your friends can change too. It is not a crime to evolve. That being said, there are definitely certain types of friends you need in your life.

1. The Best Friend

This goes without saying. Having someone who knows your weird secrets, your quirky habits and all your history but still loves you regardless is all most people need. Sometimes, it’s the thin line the between sanity and insanity. A best friend is non-judgemental, they have your back, they accept you as you are and they are always your partner in crime. Sounds perfect right?

2. The Adventurer

We all need that friend that will push us out of our comfort zone. The one that constantly reminds us of all the people we are yet to meet, the places we are yet to visit and all the things we are yet to do. We need that friend who disrupts our ‘boring’ routines and reminds us that life is meant to be lived and not to mindlessly drone after the pursuit of success.

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3. The Honest Friend


You might not want this friendship but you need it. You need a friend that will tell you what others won’t, the friend that will call you out when you’re doing wrong and the friend that pulls no punches. This is the friend that will help you get your life back on track when things go south because they will not cuddle you but instead feed you the truth we all desperately need to hear every now and again.

4. The Mentor

This is one we all need. It should be preferably someone older, someone you look up to. They should be smart, hardworking and have the type of life you aspire to live. This is the friend you need to inspire you to be a better version of yourself. When you have an older and wiser friend taking interest in you, you never want to disappoint them – this challenges you and makes you step up your game.

5. The Silly Friend

This is as vital as any friend can be. When times are hard or things are not going well, even when things are all right – we all need that one friend that we can let loose with. The friend that makes us laugh no matter what and doesn’t judge us for being silly. This is vital to our survival because we shouldn’t have to take life so seriously every single moment.


6.  The Opposite Friend

It is only natural for us to be more attracted to people a lot like us. But you become a bit closed off from how amazing other people can be if you’re only friends with people like you. You’re never pushed to learn new skills or explore new fields. You fall easily into a life of mere contentment and not one of excitement.

But a friend who is the polar opposite of you will always excite you, will always introduce you to new things and new people and with the whole process, you’ll grow and evolve as a person.

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7. Friend From A Different Country or Culture

Having a friend from different origins as you is a sure fire way to educate yourself about diversity. This is an enriching friendship because you get to educate yourself about the various different customs, values, language and traditions of another culture. You might even adopt things from the culture that appeals to you, making you more interesting as an individual.

friends 2

8. The Neighbor

It’s an amazing thing when you can count on your neighbor. It is quite unfortunate that most people don’t know who their neighbors are these days but you can change that about yourself. Neighbors can be the most helpful people ever, especially when you’re a good neighbor too. You never know what pickle your neighbor can help you out with.

Imagine going to work or school and forgetting to lock your door, a good neighbor can help you with that. Imagine running out of salt while you’re making dinner, a good neighbor can help you with that too. So next time you come across a neighbor in the hallway, say hi.

9. The Work Friend

The work friend is another essential friend you need to have. This can also be the ‘school’ friend – someone you share most of your classes with. With as much time as you spend at work or at school, you need someone there to make it more bearable. You don’t need to necessarily hang out outside of work or school – but while you’re within the confines of those four walls, they should be capable of making the time fun and pass by quickly. You also need someone who perfectly understands your work life/school life struggles because all your other friend may not.

There you have it – the friends you need to have to make your social life whole. Truth is, one of your friends can take up three of these titles so you don’t necessarily need to have ‘9’  friends in your circle. Your best friend can be your silly friend from a different culture who is also your trusty neighbor and you work pal can also be your older, wiser mentor. As long as all the roles are filled, you have nothing to worry about.